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    以下這些隱喻的故事 (metaphoric story) 都是英文版的,不過談的都是中國有名的故事。


    □Ⅰ□ The Donkey of Guizhou


    Once upon a time there was no donkey in Guizhou. So someone officious shipped one there, but finding no use for it, he set it loose at the foot of the mountain. A tiger ran out from the mountains. When he saw this big tall thing, he thought it must be divine. He quickly hid himself....

    □Ⅱ□ A Foolish Man Buys Shoes


    In the past there lived a foolish man in a small kingdom called Zheng. One day he wanted to buy himself a pair of new shoes. He measured his feet with a ruler first and wrote down his size. But he was in such a hurry to set out that he left it at home. When he arrived at a shoe shop, he felt in the pocket only to find that it was not there....

    □Ⅲ□ Give the Enemy a Ray of Hope


    In 206 B.C., Cao Cao (155-220), a great statesman, artist of war and man of letters, led his army to attack the city of Huguan. As the city was strategically located and very difficult to access, Cao's army could not take it in spite of great efforts. Cao got extremely outraged and said, "Once I get into the city, I will have all those in it buried....

    □Ⅳ□ Wu Yan and Su Liu


    In ancient China most men chose their wives by appearance, let alone the emperors. But during the Spring and Autumn Period, two ugly but virtuous and able women became imperial concubines in succession in a kingdom called Qi. It is said there was a girl so ugly that her eyes sank deep in....

    □Ⅴ□ Dead Horse and Talents


    During the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.), the State of Yan was defeated by the State of Qi. When King Zhao was crowned as the king of Yan, he was determined to make his state strong to remove the humiliation. Yet he complained that he did not have real talents to assist him. One day, he said to Guo Wei....

    □Ⅵ□ Plucking Up a Crop To Help It Grow


    It is said that a short tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) was very anxious to hope his rice crop growing up quickly. He was thinking about this day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected. One day, he thought a solution....

    □Ⅶ□ Ask a Fox for Its Skin


    Long ago, there lived a young man, called Lisheng, who had just married a beauty. The bride was very willful. One day, she had an idea that a coat of fox fur would look pretty on her. So she asked her husband to get her one. But the coat was rare and too expensive. The helpless husband was forced to walk around on the hillside....

    □Ⅷ□ Fish for the Moon in the Well


    One evening, the clever man, Huojia went to fetch some water from the well. To his surprise, when he looked into the well, he found the moon sunk in the well shining. "Oh, good Heavens, what a pity! The beautiful moon has dropped into the well!" so he dashed home for a hook, and tied it with the rope....


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