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hear voices in the air

hear voices in the air是什麼意思? 好像是一句idiom,請不要照字翻, thanks.

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    Q:hear voices in the airA:空穴來風(傳言沒有根據,如在空中之虛無縹緲)、道聽塗說idiom 的來源:Put aside the question of how one is to know that one is original by cultivating a studious ignorance of the history of poetry. Like Keynes's proverbial madman who hears voices in the air, Abiyah assuredly has no idea what a profound debt she owes to academic scribblers, a bunch of late eighteenth-century German and English aestheticians in her case. "Innovation" and "experimentation" did not spring, like Athena, fully armed from Zeus's breast. Until quite recently poetry was generally conceded to give words to the familiar: "what oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed." Folk poetry like The Iliad is this way practically by definition.----------------------------------------------------1. 在空中;向空中A plane is flying in the air.一架飛機正在空中飛翔。2. 懸而未決The date of the dinner party is still in the air.宴會的日期尚未確定。


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    To chloe:在這裡啦

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    hear voices in the air聽到傳言

    in the air: 在流傳中、 流行的、 未確定的、 懸而未決的、

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