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what 起始的感嘆句跟

how 起始的感嘆句


像 what a delicious meal! 可以用how來表示嗎?

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    V. 感嘆句 (exclamatory sentence) : 表達 喜,怒,哀,樂,驚,恐 等情緒。

    1. 陳述句改成感嘆句時,用具有形容詞性質的 what 強調名詞,而 how 則強調形容詞和副詞。

    You are a good student. → What a good student you are! 或→ How good a student you are!

    These are beautiful flowers.→What beautiful flowers these are! We had a good time.→What a good time we had!

    You are clever. → How clever you are! You study diligently. → How diligently you study!

    2. 有時利用下列的簡短句式搭配必要的音調也可成為感嘆句。

    (1) 陳述句型 :

    I hate you! You are lying! Yeah! That's the spirit! (沒錯! 你這種態度就對!, p36,March 2005 大家說英語)

    She is such a nice girl! I wish I had your good memory!

    (2) 祈使句型 :

    Tell me what they are! Watch your step! Take care you don't get hurt!

    (3) 疑問句型:

    A: They have nothing to eat. B: Haven't they!

    A: What do you think of my new dress? B: Isn't it lovely!

    (4) 子句型 :

    O that I could speak English like you! If only I'd asked you earlier!

    To think he was once a rich man!

    (5) 單字或片語型 :

    ( Will the game be put off? ) Not likely! ( He's won a prize for an essay.) Fancy that! (真想不到)

    ( It's my birthday today.) Many happy returns (of the day)! ( 福壽無疆 )

    ( You're a bit down today.) Not in the least!

    ( My son has got a scholarship.) Splendid!

    (6) 感嘆詞 : 除了感嘆句外,另有一些是 感嘆詞。

    Ah! , Alas! (哀哉) , Hurrah! (好阿), Bravo!( 好極了), Ouch! (阿唷), Aha!, Why! Well! etc.

    My God!, My goodness! Thank Heaven! Damn it! (真該死), etc.

    Water! Water! What flavor! (這是什麼味道)

    3. 感嘆句的倒裝。 陳述句句子 S + Vi + 介副詞,將介副詞置於句首就成為 感嘆句。


    He jumped up.→ Up he jumped! They ran away. → Away they ran! There he goes!

    The big plane went down. → Down went the big plane! The paper flew away.→ Away flew the paper!

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    What a delicious meal! = How delicious this meal is!


    ex. What a beautiful girl she is! = How beautiful she is!

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