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After reading_ lost in the jungle

It's a story told about a 16 years old girl confronted with a tremendous aircrash.

This little girl went with his mother for celerbrating the Chrismas with her father in another place.

However, the series aircrash caused almost 89 passengers and crew died.

Fortunately, a little girl survived and she must faced the more thrilling questions-How to Servive in the Jungle.

In the jungle, there was totally hazardous anywhere, for example, you will meet a poisonous snakes, spiders or thorns.

Nevertheless, thanks to her family, she had learned some usefel skills about how to survive in the jungle before the accident she met.

She knew a lot of animals and places was quite dangerous and no one can live without finding a good source of food.

She found some candy bars and set foot for finding a river.

Because she knew that if she can find a river, she must can find the exit out of this vast jungle.

Although the process was just about a girl survived in the jungle, but it's gripping.

The author describe the situation considerably vivid, even the flies attact, the author made it clear as we just saw the situation in the jungle.

It's a nice reading, I recommanded to anyone who likes to read.

After Reading_What America means to me

From a poor family, a father expected their children could fullfill his dream-to be a teacher.

This storying was written by one of his son.

At first, the author traced back to the past, and decribed that there was a rental place where they lived.

Anything in the house could be the hint to say that if it very hard for giving the children the tuition for a school.

However, the father insisted that children should as least learned some words.

So the author got the chance to go to the elementary school and learned his name.

But his father turn to be a farmer, so they moved from farm to farm.

The author was completely want to learn, so he sitted for a hish school test.

He passed the exam, but among 11 subjects his tested, there was 4 subjects he never learned.

He did a lot of works for earn his tuition and utilized his free time to learned well.

At last, he stood at the platfom of his mother school, delivered his speech to 14,400 educators.

His father was honored by his success.

And his knew that America is a dream place that anyone can fulfill his dream

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    After reading Lost in the Jungle

    Lost in the Jungle is a story about a sixteen-year-old girl’s survival in a jungle after a devastating plane crash.

    The girl and her mother were on their way to visit her father for Christmas when the accident struck. Eighty-nine passengers and crew died but she lived. The jungle she was stranded in was a dangerous place full of poisonous snakes, spiders and plants. Fortunately she had a few lessons in dealing with nature thanks to her family. She knew which animals and places to avoid and that a crucial key to survival is to secure a food source. After finding some candy bars, she set out to look for a river for she knew she could follow its path out of the jungle if she found one.

    Although the whole book is just about a girl surviving the jungle, there is not one dull moment. The author’s vivid language easily puts his reader right in the middle of all the action. It was a nice read. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to read.

    After Reading What America Means to Me

    Once there was a poor family. In it there was a father who wanted his son to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher. This is a story told by that son.

    First, the author tracked down memories of the past, describing the rented dwelling he and his family lived in. Just about everything in the house hinted strongly at their poverty and how difficult it had to have been for the children to receive any kind of proper school education. Even so, their father insisted on having them learn at least a few words, so the author was afforded the chance to go to elementary school and learned how to read and write his own name. But because the father was a contracted farmer, their family had to move from place to place depending on where work was available.

    Despite all the obstacles, the author never stopped wanting to learn. He attended a high school exam for which he passed all eleven subjects, even though four of them were things he’d never gone to school for. He worked many odd jobs to come up with the tuition money and still found time to study hard. In the end, on the stage of his mother school, he was able to deliver his speech in front of 14,400 educators. He brought honor to his father and found out that America was a place where dreams could come true if you tried hard enough.

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