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family and consumer service(家庭消費)是在學什ㄇ


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    family and consumer service 其實包含家庭和消費者兩個大方向. 內容有家庭理財, 家庭教育,社會工作,營養學, 消費者習慣,... 等等在以下網站會有更多訊息:未來出路包括: Traditional Education Careers: Preschool Teacher Secondary School Teacher Extension Educator Adult Education Teacher Non-Traditional Education Careers: Athletic Educator with Health Care Programs Human Sciences Educator in Consumer Affairs Extension Specialist Head Start Program Director Home Service Director Parent Education Specialist Peace Corps/Vista Volunteers Public Affairs Specialist Teen Parenting Program Teacher Consumer Educator with Corporation Curriculum Specialist Program CoordinatorThere are six primary types of employers in consumer affairs including: Business Federal Offices State and Local Government Local Communities Federal Government Nonprofit Agencies Career options in business: Businesses concerned with a product consumers purchase, such as Eddie Bauer or the food, housing, entertainment, insurance, travel, textiles, household appliance, and credit industries. Work with trade associations such as the American Gas Association, Better Business Bureau. Utilities such as telephone, water, gas and electric industries. Career options in state and local government: State or county office of consumer affairs. Tourism, social services, attorney general working with a legislator on consumer issues and concerns. Career options with the federal government: Working for members of Congress Consumer Product Safety Commission Food and Drug Administration U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs Career options in federal offices in local communities: Army or Navy family services Social Security Housing and Urban Development Office Career options with nonprofit agencies: Center for Auto Safety Common Cause Community services agencies Public interest research group

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    family and consumer service 就是在研究與家庭相關的學問和消費者行為的研究啦.

    將來作老師, 行銷人員...

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