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simple plan 的資料




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    1- Name: Pierre Bouvier

    2- Instrument: Singer

    3- Date of birth: May 9th, 1979

    4- Fav. color: Black and Blue

    5- Fav. bands: Good Charlotte, The Beach Boys, Blink-182, New Found Glory

    6- Fav. food: Sushi

    7- Fav. movie: Back to the Future, The Matrix, American Beauty

    8- Fav. TV show: Friends

    9- Fav. boyband:Backstreet Boys

    10- Fav. video game: Tony Hawk Pro Skater II

    11- Fav. book: 1984 by George Orwell and Harry Potter 1 to 4

    12- Fav. concert: NOFX, Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole, Trigger Happy - Montreal 1994 Edge Fest II toronto: Blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World

    13- Fav. magazine: Victoria's Secret catalogue

    14- Fav. actor / actress: Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts

    15- Ultimate place to live: Somewhere hot on the beach with big waves

    16- Guitly pleasure: Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

    17- Previous day job:I was a cook in a barbecue chicken restaurant!!

    18- Boxers or briefs: Boxers

    19- Fav. superhero: Wolverine

    20- Pets: 4 dogs: Zack, Sunny, Zoe, Misha 1 fish: fishy


    1- Name: Charles Comeau aka Chuck

    2- Instrument: Drums

    3- Date of birth: September 17th 1979

    4- Fav. color: Baby blue and pink

    5- Fav bands: Blink 182, The Beach Boys, Guns and Roses, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Sugar Ray.

    6- Fav. food: Sushi

    7- Fav. movie: That thing you do, Almost Famous, American Beauty, Back to the future I and II, Menace II society, Chasing Amy

    8- Fav. TV show: The Wonder Years, Seinfeld, Making the band

    9- Fav. boyband: LFO

    10- Fav. video game: NHL 2001 PS2

    11- Fav. book: Drumming for Dummies, The ICE opinion by ICE-T, Lord of the Rings, anything by M. Kundera

    12- Fav. concert: NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, Face to Face, Trigger Happy - Montreal 1994 Pearl Jam and the Doughboys - Montreal 1992 Blink 182 with Unwritten Law - Montreal 1998

    13- Fav. magazine: Alternative Press

    14- Fav. actor / actress: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, John Favreau / Katie Holmes

    15- Utlimate place to live: Los Angeles

    16- Guilty pleasure: I love hip hop so much!!! Nelly, Jay-Z, you guys rap!!!!!!!!

    17- Previous day job: writer for a music magazine

    18- Boxers or briefs: boxers

    19- Fav. superhero: Batman

    20- What gear do you use: Drums: OCDP drums, Heads: Evans drum heads, Cymbals: Zyldjian cymbals, Sticks: Pro-Mark drum sticks.


    1- Name: David Desrosiers

    2- Instrument: Bass and back vocals

    3- Date of birth: August 29th, 1980

    4- Fav. color: Black

    5- Fav bands: Papa Roach, American Hi/Fi, Weezer, Jimmy eat world, Green Day, 22 Jacks, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, Strung Out, Stone Temple Pilot, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Goldfinger, Face to Face, Sum 41, Blink-182, Foo Fighters (in no particular order)

    6- Fav. food: Sushi

    7- Fav. movie: Grease, Pump up the volume

    8- Fav. TV show: Wonder Years (i cried so many times watching that show)

    9- Fav. boyband: Backstreet Boys

    10- Fav. video game: Pro AM (Nintendo old school)

    11- Fav. book: Kamasutra (borrowed from my sister)

    12- Fav. concert: There are so many but to pick one, I would have to say EDGEFEST 2

    13- Fav. magazine: Modern Drummer

    14- Fav. actor / actress: Robin Williams / Drew Barrymore

    15- Utlimate place to live: Hawaii but I'd have to be with someone that I love!

    16- Guilty pleasure: Peeing in the shower just relaxes me

    17- Previous day job: Used to work at McDonald's in my hometown

    19- Fav. superhero: Superman

    20- Pets: Golden Retreiver; Sam the cutest (R.I.P.)

    21- What gear do you use: Basses: Fender precision basses, Strings: Dean Markley blue steel 80-105.


    1- Name: Sebastien Lefebvre aka Seb

    2- Instrument: Guitar and back vocals

    3- Date of birth: June 5th, 1981

    4- Fav. color: blue

    5- Fav bands: Green Day, Bad Astronaut, Linkin Park, Copeland, Zebrahead, Story Of The Year...

    6- Fav. food: Tuna sandwich, Fajitas

    7- Fav. movie: American Beauty, Braveheart

    8- Fav. TV show: Family Guy, The Simpsons

    9- Fav. boyband: 2Gether

    10- Fav. video game: The Final Fantasy series

    11- Fav. book: The Harry Potter series

    12- Fav. concert: Warped Tour 1996

    13- Fav. magazine: any comic book

    14- Fav. actor / actress: Kevin Spacey / the old lady in The Wedding Singer and Road Trip...

    15- Utlimate place to live: Disney World

    16- Guilty pleasure: Making fun of people... in a nice way

    17- Previous day job: Janitor at my High-School

    18- Boxers or briefs: boxers

    19- Fav. superhero: Spiderman

    20- Pets: none.

    21- What gear do you use: Guitars: Framus renegade and panthera model, Amps: Framus Dragon Amp, Strings: Daddario XL-140s light top, heavy bottom, Pickups:Seymour Duncan, Cables: Planet Waves cables.


    1- Name: Jeff Stinco

    2- Instrument: Lead guitar

    3- Date of birth: August 22nd, 1978

    4- Fav. color: Black (even if it滻 not a color), skin

    5- Fav bands: U2, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Def Leppard, Good Charlotte, Hendrix, The Used, Mest, Marvelous 3, Goldfinger (Oldfinger), Bad Religion, Face to Face, MxPx, Green Day

    6- Fav. food: Italian (my Tomato sauce recipe is pretty killer!), sushi

    7- Fav. movie: Stand by me, Almost famous, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Dead Poet Society, Transpotting, Pulp Fiction, Jenna loves Rocco

    8- Fav. TV show: The Osbournes, Friends, The Sopranos

    9- Fav. boyband: New Kids on the Block

    10- Fav. video game: Britney Spears dance beat

    11- Fav. book: "The old man and the sea", Hemmingway, "The book of Laughter and Forgetting", M. Kundera, " The art of Tantric Sex"The Alchemist"Paulo Coelo.

    12- Fav. concert: The Doughboys on the "Crush tour"Green Day on the Pop Disaster Tour.

    13- Fav. magazine: Guitar World, Rolling Stone, Spin, Playboy, Guitar One

    14- Fav. actor / actress: Robin Williams / Jodi Foster

    15- Utlimate place to live: South of France or Sydne, Australia

    16- Guilty pleasure: I love to watch David pee in the shower (I'm kidding!) I'm a sucker for sour peaches.

    17- Previous day job: guitar teacher

    18- Boxers or briefs: Tight Sexy Briefs

    19- Fav. superhero: Wolverine

    20- Pets: Roxy (she滻 my female rebel cat), Merlin (my fat cat), Wolf (my crazy dog) and Poutchi my dog (R.I.P. I miss you so much)

    21- What gear do you use: Guitars: Guild bluesbird goldtop and Guild Bluesbird AAA, Amps: Hughes and Kettner Duotones and Hughes and Kettner Zentera, Strings: Daddario XL-140s light top, heavy bottom, Cables: Planet Waves cables.

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    簡單計劃合唱團 Simple Plan



    哇!這個驚嘆字不僅有帶著喜悅快意的感覺,更是對Simple Plan這組流行龐克樂團散發出活力夠勁的搖滾力道而深感歡喜爽快的回應。若你著迷於Blink 182(眨眼182)的搞笑無厘頭、Sum 41的年輕有活力或Green Day生鮮暢意的龐克搖滾風格,那Simple Plan就是你下一個必定要鎖定的目標囉。

    成軍於1998年的Simple Plan,由主唱Pierre Bouvier、雙吉它手Jeff Stinco及Seb Lefebvre、貝斯手David Derosiers與鼓手Chunk Cormeau組成,5位團員雖年輕卻個個懷抱長遠音樂理想,在彼此激爆出的音樂實力中,獲得各界大力的稱許與推薦,在專輯發行前,就已被哥倫比亞公司即將推出的喜劇片【The New Guy】力邀高歌一曲,同時也成為他們的首攻單曲"I'm Just A Kid"。

    連各項知名大型音樂巡迴演唱會,也看上他們像似永遠用不完的旺盛精力,共同與Blink 182、Sum 41、American Hi-Fi等深受廣大樂迷膜拜的歌手、樂團,一塊於舞台上展現出他們初生之犢不畏虎的大將風範,著實讓台下High到不行的樂迷感受到Simple Plan充沛帶勁的龐克能量。

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