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像是一些 專有名詞


還真想不到 其他更好方法

看到台灣還是有很多人 英文好的比我這在國外待三年的人好


因為上了大學以後 就一頭栽著忙課業 根本沒時間在去被新的單字


所以想請問 各位英文高高手 難的英文單字到底該怎麼記憶才好?



即使在中文常說常用到的 也看過英文一遍


不知道有沒有人有好的方法 可以指點指點



there was no word that i didn't understand in what you posted. my thing was that i just had to encounter a few new words while i read through my texts every semester .

Update 2:

they are ususally the new termonology that i have to go through in my field, and life can sometimes get rough when i don't understand one term.

Update 3:


英文當中 life gets rough v.s. life gets rougher


therefore i should've said rougher instead of rough

感覺啦 念起來的感覺

ps. 我不是故意要吹毛求疵 只不過 知識學到一個階段 會覺得自己有更多要問 連簡單的都沒放過 打破沙鍋問到底才是做學問的王道

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    The best way of learning vocabulary is to learn it from contexts. That is, don't just buy a vocabulary and start to memorize aimlessly. You can start with some reading practices. Choose some books that are not too hard to you such as Chicken Soup and even children's books and start to read them day by day. Whenever you encounter new words, try to guess the meaning of them from the context without looking them up in the dictionary. If you still can understand the meaning of the book that means your guessing might be right. However, if you got lost due to some key words that you don't know yet, look them up in the dictionary. Be sure to take notes of the meanings just in case you forget them next time. According to my experience, if you have looked up the same word for three times, you can finally memorize it. Well, just for your reference.

    PS: If you find any new words in the above, try to make a guess first, OK?

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    You cannot do anything about Termonology but looking it up and try your best to memorize it. It's the keypoint for your learning of professional fields.

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    恩Ruby 說ㄉ沒錯 我以前老師也是這樣說 多看文章 然後不會ㄉ單字嘗試去猜他是啥ㄇ 最後再查一查 猜ㄉ正不正確(要靠上下文 或經驗猜喔 別說擲骰子猜= =)

    多看文章 盡量不要死背 下次在看文章如有出現就多瞪他兩眼就好ㄌ 有時英文要靠feelingㄉ 你在國外念書2年ㄌ英文應該很好 你說專有名詞ㄉ話不要太拘泥於他也無所謂(如過太少出現ㄉ話) 像醫學名詞你要背ㄇ= = 不會ㄅ 向即是是中國人也是一堆怪字大部分ㄉ人都不知道阿除非你就業ㄉ需要

    Source(s): 我以前老師ㄉ經驗(我ㄉ英文不太好ㄎㄎ)
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