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PerfectDisk的離線重組,有目錄、系統檔案以及分頁檔,如果全選,是不是就像平常的重組磁碟,整理磁碟裡所有的檔案呢?只是時間不同而已嗎? 還是跟普通的磁碟重組不一樣,只整理選擇的檔案?

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    因為目錄、系統檔案以及分頁檔是無法線上重組的, 所以才會需要使用離線重組, 跟據我自己的經驗.. 你可以手動一兩個月做一次離線重組就可以了.. 不需要設成自動離線重組.. :)

    Not all files can be defragmented online

    Certain files cannot be defragmented online due to operating system constraints. The constraints vary by operating system (Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000) and by file system format (FAT/FAT32 or NTFS). For a detailed listing of which files can be defragmented online based on your system, see PerfectDisk file types. The three types of files which may need to be defragmented offline are:

    Pagefile - This is your virtual memory file (Pagefile.sys). This file is exclusively locked by the operating system and can only be placed by an Offline Defragmentation pass.

    System Files - These are operating system files such as the Master File Table, the hibernate file and other metadata files. Depending on the operating and file systems some of these files can be defragmented online and some offline.

    Directories - On NTFS formatted drives directories are treated as online files. On FAT/FAT32 formatted drives directories are treated as offline files.

    Source(s): PerfectDisk 官方網站
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