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    **過去完成式 <had+ Vpp>→比過去還要過去發生的事

    例:I had met her twice before you introduced her to me. (在你介紹她給我認識之前~我已經遇見過她兩次)

    這邊的"you introduced her to me"~已經是過去式了, 而"我遇見她兩次"發生在"you introduced her to me"之前~~所以要用"過去完成式。

    例: Had you ever been to the U.S. before you immigrated there? (你在"移民immigrated"


    **未來完成式<will+ have+ Vpp>→在未來的某個時間點~某件事(應該)已完成

    例: I will have arrived home when you come home. (你回家時,我應該"已經"到家了)


    例: If you don't hurry up, the baseball game will have ended. (如果你不快一點,棒球賽將會"已經"比完喔(在你到之前~就"已經"比完了!!))

    He will have become a scholar in ten years. (十年後~他應該"已經"變成了一個學者)


    例: When you called me yesterday, I was taking a shower. (你昨天打電話給我的時候~我正在洗澡)

    這邊的"you called me yesterday"只是單純表示過去的一個事實(你打了電話給我)~而當你打電話給我的這個時間點上,我正在洗澡I was taking a shower.

    例: I was watching TV at 8:00 p.m. (因為這邊有指出時間點(8:00 p.m.) 所以也要用過去完成式)

    I was sleeping when the earthquake occured. (當地震發生時~我正在睡覺)

    **未來進行式<will+be+Ving>→未來的某個時間點 正在發生的事

    例:I will be watching TV when you come home. (你回家的時候 我會正在看電視)

    He will be taking a shower if you go to his place now. (如果你現在要去他家,那(你到的時候)他將會正在洗澡)

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    過去完成式:I had already finished it when they came.

    現在完成式:I have already finished it.

    未來完成式:I will have left when they come tomorrow. 當他們明天來時我將已經離開

    未來進行式:I will be studying when you come tonight. 當你今晚來時我會在讀書

    過去進行式:My mom was cooking when I was watching TV.

    現在進行式:I am watching TV now.

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