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粉簡單的英文拼字遊戲 <急---20點>

請用字母 a / o / t / r / s / e / n / l / d 來拼成單字








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    aeon,ante, arson,adorn, aloe, astern, at, ant, ado,and, alto, adore,arc, alert, alone, also, alter, an, ardent, are, arse, art, as, atone

    dartle, date, deal, dean, dear, does, doer, dane, dare, dose, dot, dote, darn, dart, doat, docent, doe,delta, den, dent, dental, do, dole, dolt, done, donate, dorsal

    ear, era, earn, earl, east, eat, enact, end, enrol, eland, erst

    land, lad, lent, lento, lest, load, loader, loan, lode, loden, lade, last, late, laten, later , lone,loner, lord, lore, lose, lost, lot, lea, lead, laden, let, lean, leant, learn, least, lend, lens, lander, lane, laser

    near, nan, naos, neat, nerd, nest, net, no, not, nod, nodal, note, node, nor, norse, nose, noted

    oar, old, older, olden, on, one, onset, oast, oat, ode, or, oral, orate, ore, ornate

    rest, rat, rate, rete, road, roar, roast, rod, roe, role, rose, real, read, rot, rota, reason, red, redo, reload,reloan, renal, rend, rent, rental, resort

    sent, seat, sad, sedan, set, sat, sate, sated, sale, slat, slate, sled, slot, salon, salt, sand, sant, sander, sandlot, sane, sea, sod, soda, solar, sold, solder, sloe, son, seal, sear, send, sonar, sore, sort, sot, stale, slander, slant, slanted, snare, snarl, snore, snort, snot, so, soar, stale, stand, star, stare, stead, steal, stela, steno, stern, stoa, stole, stolen, stone, stoned, store, strand

    to, toe, tea, tale, told, tad, taler, talent, tan, ten, tear, tore, torn, tar, tare, tarn, taro,teal, tend, tenor, toad, ton, tone, toner, tor, trade, trader, tread, treason, trend, trod, tsar

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    alone also and art

    deal dear dot

    ear east eat end earn

    lane lend lose land last late lead lot

    near nose not note nest net nod

    old one

    rat read real reason red rest road role

    sad sale sale salt sand sea seat send set soda sort steal

    son stand star stone store

    tale tea ten tear toe trade

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