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我叫xxx 今年24歲 剛從大學畢業 我的個性開朗 積極 正面 對於傳媒工作有很大的興趣 我喜歡的音樂類型是 爵士 和 較輕快的舞曲 希望能給我面試的機會

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    2 decades ago
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    My name is xxx,24 years old. I've just graduated from Universtity.

    My personality is outgoing, enthusiastic and positive thinking.

    I have a highly interesting on mass media program and related works.

    I like listening to Jazz & light pop-dance music.

    Hope that you would give me this opportunity to attend the interview with you.

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  • 2 decades ago


  • 2 decades ago

    我叫xxx 今年24歲剛從大學畢業

    My name xxx , this year 24 years old of just from university graduation.

    我的個性開朗 積極 正面 對於傳媒工作有很大的興趣

    My individuality open and bright positive frontagehas the very big interest regarding the media work.

    我喜歡的音樂類型是 爵士 和 較輕快的舞曲

    like the music type is knight and a livelier dance music.


    The hope can the opportunity which interviews to me,thanks.

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