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1.中文歌名是 阿根廷請別爲我哭泣 英文是 Don't Cry For Me Arhentina

2.夜的樂章(歌劇魅影裡的) The Music Of The Night

3.歌劇魅影 The Phantom Of The Opera

4.回憶(貓) Memory

5.某處 (西城故事) Somewhere

6.真善美 Do Re Mi

有一點舊 希望可以找到 謝謝







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    1.Don't cry for me, Argentina

    It won't be easy

    You will think it strange

    When I try to explain how I feel

    that I still want your love after all that I've done

    You won't believe me

    All you will see is a girl you once knew

    Although she's dressed up to the nines

    And sixes and sevens with you

    I had to let it happen

    I had to change

    Couldn't stay all my life down to heels

    Looking out of the window

    Staying out of the sun

    So I chose freedom

    Running around trying everything new

    But nothing impressed me at all

    I never expected it to

    *Don't cry for me, Argentina

    The truth is I never left you

    All through my wild days

    My mad existence

    I kept my promise

    Don't keep your distance

    And as for fortune and as for fame

    I never invited them in

    Though it seemed to the world

    They were all I desired

    They are illusions

    They are not the solutions

    They promise to be

    The answer was here all the time

    I love you and hope you love me (*)

    Have I said too much

    There is nothing more I can think of say to you

    But all you have to do

    Is look at me to know that every word is true

    2.The Music Of The Night

    Night time sharpens heightens each sensation ...

    Darkness wakes and stirs imagination

    Silently the senses abandon their defences

    Helpless to resist the notes I write

    For I compose the music of the night ...

    Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendeour.

    Grasp it, sense it

    tremulous and tender

    Hearing is believing, music is deceiving

    Hard as lightning soft as candlelight

    dare you trust the music of the night ...

    Close your eyes

    for your eyes will only tell the truth

    And the truth isn't what you want to see

    In the dark it is easy to pretend

    that the truth is what it ought to be.

    Softly, deftly, music shall caress you ...

    Hear it, feel it, secretly possess you ...

    Open up your mind let your fantasies unwind

    in the darkness which you know you cannot fight

    the darkness of the music of the night ...

    Close your eyes start a journey through a strange new world!

    Leave all thoughts of the world

    you knew before!

    Close your eyes and let music set you free ...

    Only then can you belong to me ...

    Floating, falling, sweet intoxication!

    Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation ...

    Let the dream begin

    let your darker side give in

    to the power of the music that I write

    the power of the music of the night ...

    You alone can make my song take flight

    help me make the music of the night ...

    Come we must return

    those two fools who run my theatre will be missing you ...

    3.The Phantom Of The Opera

    In sleep he sang to me

    In dreams he came

    That voice which calls to me

    And speaks my name

    And do I dream again

    For now I find

    The phantom of the opera is there

    Inside my mind

    Sing once again with me

    Our strange duet

    My power over you

    Grows stronger yet

    And though you turn from me

    To glance behind

    The phantom of the opera is there

    Inside your mind

    Those who have seen your face

    Draw back in fear

    I am the mask you wear

    It's me they hear

    Your spirit and my voice in one combined

    My spirit and your voice in one combined

    The phantom of the opera is there

    Inside my mind

    Inside your mind

    He's there,

    The phantom of the opera


    The phantom of the opera

    In all your fantasy

    You always knew

    That man and mystery

    Were both in you

    And in this labyrinth

    Were night is blind

    The phantom of the opera is



    Inside my mind

    Sing! My angel of music

    He's there

    The phantom of the opera


    Sing for me...

    Sing, my angel of music!

    Sing for me!


    Midnight, not a sound from the pavement.

    Has the moon lost her memory?

    She is smiling alone.

    In the lamp light the witheredleaves collect

    at my feet,and the wind begins to moan.

    Memory, all alone in the moon light.

    I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then.

    I remember the time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again.

    Every street lamp seems to beat a fatal is tic warning.

    Someone mutters and a street lamp gutters and soon it will be morning.

    Daylight I must wait for the sunrise, I must think of a new life.

    And I mustn't give in.

    When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too.

    And a new day will begin.

    Burnt out ends of smoky days, the stale cold smell of morning.

    The street lamp dies, another night is over, another day is dawning.

    Touch me.

    It's so easy to leave me.

    All alone with the memory.

    Of my days in the sun.

    If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is.

    Look, a new day has begun.

    5.某處 (西城故事) Somewhere

    Someday, somewhere

    We'll find a new way of living

    We’ll find a way of forgiving


    There's a place for us

    Somewhere a place for us

    Peace and quiet and open air

    Wait for us


    There's a time for us

    Someday there'll be a time for us

    Time together with time to spare

    Time to learn, time to care

    Someday, somewhere

    We'll find a new way of living

    We’ll find there's a way of forgiving

    Somewhere... Somewhere... Somewhere...

    There's a place for us

    A time and a place for us

    Hold my hand and we're half way there

    hold my hand and I'll take you there


    Someday, somewhere...

    6.真善美 Do Re Mi

    讓我們從頭開始 Let's start at the very beginning

    選一個很棒的起點 A very good place to start.

    唸書的時候你從— When you read you begin with—

    從ABC開始學A B C

    唱歌的時候我們從「多雷咪」開始教 When you sing you begin with do re mi

    「多雷咪」?Do re mi?

    「多雷咪」Do re mi.

    恰恰好是剛開始的三個音符 The first three notes just happen to be

    「多雷咪」Do re mi.

    「多雷咪」!Do re mi!

    「Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti…」Do re mi fa so la ti—

    來,我把它弄簡單一點;聽著 Come, I’ll make it easier. Listen.

    「Doe」—是「鹿」;一隻小母鹿 Doe — a deer, a female deer,

    「Ray」—是一束金色陽光 Ray — a drop of golden sun,

    「Me」—是「我」的自稱 Me — a name I call myself,

    「Far」—是很遠很遠的長路 Far — a long, long way to run,

    「Sew」—是針穿細線縫衣服 Sew — a needle pulling thread,

    「La」—是「Sew」的下一個音 La — a note to follow ‘sew’,

    「Tea」—是果醬麵包配茶喝 Tea — a drink with jam and bread.

    這樣我們又回到「Doe」And that will bring us back to do


    So Do La Fa Mi Do Re

    你們來一次Can you do that?

    So Do La Fa Mi Do Re

    So Do La Ti Do Re Do

    So Do La Ti Do Re Do

    當你學會這些音 When you know the notes to sing

    你就會唱所有歌 You can sing most anything

    當你學會這些音 When you know the notes to sing

    你就會唱所有歌 You can sing most anything


    說不上為什麼 我變得很主動 我想就這樣牽著妳的手不放開

      若愛上一個人 什麼都會值得去做 愛能不能夠永遠單純沒有悲哀

      我想大聲宣佈 對妳依依不捨 我 想帶妳騎單車 我 想和妳看棒球

    連隔壁鄰居都猜到我現在的感受 想這樣沒擔憂 唱著歌 一直走

    河邊的風 在吹著頭髮飄動 我想就這樣牽著妳的手不放開

    牽著妳的手 一陣莫名感動 愛可不可以簡簡單單沒有傷害

    我想帶妳 回我的外婆家 妳 靠著我的肩膀 妳 在我胸口睡著

    一起看著日落 一直到我們都睡著 像這樣的生活 我愛妳 妳愛我

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