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1. In her speech, she offered several___________ examples to support her ideas.

A expelling B compelling C repelling D impelling

2. In was such execllent report that Mrs. Ball _________ the fact that it had been truned in late.

A oversaw B overwhelmed C overuled D overlooked

3.Trowing litter far cars is_____by law

A forbidding B prohibited C inadmissable D permissive

4.We should get_____________to that new journal.

A a subscription B a prescription C an inscription D a conscription

5.when did this letter arrive?

A I send it yesterday aftermoon B From San Francisco, I guess C Earlier this morning D The mailman devered it.

6.won't you have a seat? 這句話是翻譯成 你怎麼不坐? 是ㄅㄟ?

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    "幹嘛站著,坐啊!" 我想比較接近中文的意思,可是我懷疑會不會有人這樣說,用未來式好像怪怪的,應該是:

    Would you like to sit?


    "Don't you sit?" "你不坐嗎?"

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