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幫我翻議唷 中番英謝謝





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    1. Technology plays a crutial role during the development of our global seciety, switching focus from material productivity to intellectual productivity. The government has been eagerly encouraging reaseach and development, combining resources, rising up the bar for education, and improving industrial technologies. So that it can achieve the goal of intellectulizing industries and industrializing knowledges.

    ----> intellectualizing: 兔兔第一次這樣子用...>_<** 真是特別~~~

    2. Any translator, when facing obscure articles, has to put in a lot of effort to carefully examine the meanings of the article, then starts translating. If the original article is in English, the translator will have to determine the sentence structures and any idiom that is used. For instance, if the article is a piece of ancient writing, then the translator will have to present the translation with modern preceptions.

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    1.The international community is from laid particular emphasis on productivity in the past to then pay attention to the development course of knowledge productivity, the government promotes the development of science and technology actively for a long time after science and technology has played a quite key role, combining scientific and technological resources and improving the academic level and strengthening industry's technology constantly, the more educated and knowledge industrialization that make great efforts to implement the industry

    2 . The person engaged in translatinging, will always take some time first unavoidably while meeting the original text difficult to understand to be hard to understand , come thin to for annotate , study intensively , can it moves to be English than original text that translate just, must see his syntax structure first , is studying his idiom to become sentence, if is it the ancient Chinese prose that must find out the modern meaning of the ancient Chinese prose

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    one. international community from pass emphasis on productivity go and furthur think well of knowledge's productivity de develop in course, science and technology act as equivalent to critical role. Government for a long time active push science and technology development, will continual integrate science and technology's source ˋ promotion learning's level ˋ strengthen industry technology, try hard practicable industry knowledge and knowledge industrialization.

    2. ordinary engage in translate de people, meet original text's abstruse hard to understand time, general unavoidable want first spend a round of time and energy expended on works, come thin for annotation, add with dig into, then just can move than translation de. Original text is English word, then should first look his grammar's structure, at research his practice language become sentence, be ancient style prose should be like ancient character modern meaning seek out

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