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    Our president, Peter, engaged in chicken propagation business and then built the fodder factory with scale of production of 10000tons per month as his business ran very well for years. he then acquired the xx electronic-processing factory in 2000 and the amount each day exceeded 60000 chickens. by doing so the company transformed to be capable to process a verticle ways involving production and selling.

    in order to achieve another milestone to make current business even more versitile by expanding the business scale and cost down, we established the seasoning tooling department. we make very constant endeavor to research, innovate in order to make our products fit into the demand of the market today. in the meantime, we also preserve some traditional products such as drumstick steaks, fried salty chicken, drumsticks, chicken sausages and varies kinds of BBQ chicken.. etc. in regular or tailor-made. our purpose is clearly to create as more choices to customers by providing our diversified products as well as look forward to humbly listen your comments, advice, and even criticism.

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    The undertaking that the President Peter gentleman is engaged in raising chickens originally, have from management for many years, and then set up the feed factory of more than 10000 tons in monthly output in the peach garden; And bought XX electricity to kill the factory and over 60000 pieces of chicken of killing amount of electricity of every day in 2000 , became the company of a dragon type of production and marketing from then on.

    Diversify production and marketing in order to open the factor that the new page expands business scale and lowering costs , electricity kill second floor of the factory establish in the nursing one's health department of food processing on one annual leave; In order to ask the company goods to incorporate the market, our company is studying innovation constantly today , at the same time to also keep tradition if the chicken leg is arranged in the products, the crisp chicken of salt, the upper part of a leg of pork of chicken leg, the chickfurter, various types of Teriyaki Chicken Stick are cooked ¡­Wait a moment in the rule and special family and have made to order etc. , make customers choose the diversified goods of our company more; Expect every advanced person of the same generation to spare no advice at the same time .

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