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what should i do..

since that i totaled my car, i didnt go to work and schoo.

so nowi m doin nothing at home.

I live with my mother and stepfather, they are alright,,,,'

i just want to ask you guys...whats better to do...

i dont want to go to school now...i just want to work,,,

theres a company wants me to go work.

but then i dont have a car if i want to work there . i must move around there ...and find a place to rent. and stuff....

or i can stay at home..find a walking distance job....

but then i dont like to stay at home...i want to be independent....dont want to depend on anybody..also i have a bf that he wants me to move in for now and drive one of his cars go to work until i find a place to live.......

i dont know what to do...but i do i must do something ...i cant just stay here and doin nothing ...i feel sick...U_U

please advise

thankyou very much !!!!!


thank you...DanaBonehead

yes my car insurance did cover...but then the thing is that i dont want to buy a car now...cuz the car insurance must be high. so i think that maybe not buying a car for now...

Update 2: i dont know what to say...

so you go to school full time, and go to work part time ma???

and you take bus to both..?

Update 3:

...U_U i went to college for half semester ..and i didnt even finished....cuz i dont like to study ...its like killing to go to school ..and all the work...i think i m just lazy ..and dont even want to try harder.....

Update 4:

my parents said that if i go to school ...they will pay for everything...but i have to buy a car fisrt...i think i m have there help....anyways..

you are the man....or woman...

thank you for your word

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    I think you should change your life step by step.

    You obviously want to work now and have a job offer.

    That's a good opportunity for you to become indepanedent.

    In my opinion, you should borrow a car from your bf and drive to work firstly.

    Because you are not so sure whether this job is righ for you before you actully work there.

    You should have experience of working this company and than decide stay or not.

    If you want to stay in this work, you then think about to move around company.

    Because you don't want to stay at home and it can reduce traffic problem.

    Your collegauges may able to help you in finding good place to live.

    Moreover, if you want to live with your bf, please to consider that your relationship will change dramaticly.

    Is that you want?

    If ont, you must not move in your bf's place.

    Please be careful to consider your life in long-term.

    If you can't afford the living expenses or changes in your life, you shouldn't do it.

    Good luck!

    Wow! You added the infomation when I'm answering.

    haha! I think DanaBonehead give you a good advice.

    Even you don't have a car, you still can take bus.

    As I said before, you should consider for long-term.

    If you think studying can help you in future, why not to do it?

    Your parents will pay all expense.

    After you become indepanedent, people don't offer as much as today they do.

    However, if you think the job is more important for your life, go for it!

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    Well, this must be a tough problem for u^ ^

    To be frank, I used to have a similar problem.

    I think what u should do now is to think about if the connection between u and ur bf if stronger enough.

    If it is, just go for it; but if it is not, u might get hurt from ur bf.

    Just make sure what u want and weight the gain and loss of ur decision.

    Good Luck!

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    what should i do..

    題目都說他有事情需要我們協助= =

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    no thank you

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    First of all, don't live with your bf! if you don't wanna depend on your family, why should you depend on somebody else??? and use somebody else's car? mind you, he's not your husband; he's just a bf!!!

    2005-07-07 17:10:34 補充:

    And sounds like if you had a car you would be able to work or study... then why don't you take the bus???? Just commute!

    But to work or study, it's your decision.

    And doesn't your car insurance cover the damage?

    2005-07-07 17:15:00 補充:

    Let me tell you something that will make you feel a lot better.

    I'm a university student. And I have to pay for my own tuition. Over these years, I have owed quite a lot of money. I'm in debt! And I have to work part time too aside from studying.

    2005-07-07 17:16:58 補充:

    And guess what, I don't have a car. I commute to the school, which takes 1 and half hour each way (not each day)!!

    feel better? ^^

    ps. if you don't think education fits your career plan, then go to work.

    2005-07-08 06:21:35 補充:


    I HATE studying! I hate it so much!! But I am still doin it because I know if I give up now, I'll regret it later in my life.

    So, think about this

    2005-07-08 06:40:54 補充:

    Will you ever regret not getting a depree/diploma, seeing other ppl with a dregree working in their field of study? Will you ever wonder what it'll have been like if you have gone to school and gotten a job after it??

    2005-07-08 06:43:41 補充:

    Will you ever regret not holding on to this chance? Will you regret even a little bit?

    If yes, then go to school especailly if your parents are paying for it. It's an awsome chance. Cuz it will be almost impossible for you to go back to school after you have had job and are paying for it.

    2005-07-08 06:46:47 補充:

    Think about it.

    And if you just want to be independt or leave home, it's not wise to go live with your bf or even give up school. You are still young. There's plenty of time for you to get independent in your life, why hurry it?

    2005-07-08 06:50:46 補充:

    I assume you live in the States/Canada. Have you seen a show called "Judge Judy"?

    Not a good idea to depend on your bf unless you guys are getting married. If you live with him, use his car (it's not even your car, what if you damage it again), it'll be nasty if you break up.

    2005-07-08 06:52:22 補充:

    Again, you are lucky that someone can pay for your education.

    There's something money cannot buy, but higher education is NOT one of them...

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