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    " photo booth" 或" kiosk"~~

    拍出來的快照叫 snapshot...


    photo-sticker booth (翻成~大頭貼攝影亭)

    所以”我們一起去拍貼吧? ”可以說:

    How about go to photo-sticker booth to get some photos?

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    據我所知~KODAK及KONICA PHOTO KIOSK就是他們設計生產的。


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    確定是 photosticker

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    拍貼是從日本來的,所以英文大多都是沿用拍貼機布簾上常看到的 Print Club

    和老外談起時, 一定要再加上解釋, 尤其是不多亞洲人或沒有拍貼機的地方

    有一篇What's Cool in Japan英文文章讓你參考

    (*You can see the original article---

    Print Club (known in Japanese as Purinto Kurabu, or Puri Kura for short) is a machine that lets you design and print out stickers with photos of your face on them. It's fast and easy. Ever since Print Club came out in the summer of 1995, it's been wildly popular among young people, especially junior-high-school and high-school girls. You can find Print Club machines on street corners all over Japan.

    Source(s): What I Know + An article
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    take a picture~

    Source(s): 國中好像上過@@~
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