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    1.There was a cold drizzle of rain; the atmosphere was murky; it was a melancholy day.2. I will keep this diligently in my remembrance, that this day's lesson be not lost upon me, and my people suffer thereby; for learning softeneth the heart and breedeth gentleness and charity.3.The lights began to twinkle, it came on to rain, the wind rose, and a raw and gusty night set in4.The king's will is law.5.'Tis a pity, 'tis such a pity! Thou were proceeding bravely. But bide thy time in patience vocabulary1.underwent2.spacious3.ornate 5.function6.simplicity7.unheedfulness 8. genuine 9.perplex10.pardon11.lord12. conduct13. hook14. zeal15.blunder 16. helmet17.eagerly18. command19.swept20.grieve這裡有本電子書,看你要多少資料通通有  

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