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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

連爺爺 您回來啦!! 連奶奶呢?

請翻為英文 謝謝 (多幾個版本更歡迎)

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  • Dana
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    2 decades ago
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    每句都不一樣唄, 自己搭配~

    ●Oh~ Grandpa Lian, you have come home. Hold on a minute, where is Grandma Lian?

    ●Grandpa Lian, you are finally home!!!! Ur..... I don't see Grandma Lian......... @@;

    ●Grandpa Lian, you have finally come back home! wait a minute...where the hell is gradma Lian?

    ●Grandpa Lian, oh, you are home at last!... did you forget Grandma Lian?

    ●Ah~ grandpa Lian, you came back at last!.... but how come I don't see grandma Lian??...

    ●Oh my... grandpa Lian, you have come back to us.... what the!!!...where is gandma? >:(

    ●Grandpa Lian, fianlly after all this time, you have come back to us! ....ah.... where is grandma? did you leave her behind again? ="=

    ●Grandpa Lian........ so nice to see you back home! but where is grandma lian... I miss her!!! >"<~

    ●(shriek~~~~~ ) Grandpa, you came back!!!!!!!! but Grandma? where are you?

    ●oh... how much do I miss thy now that prandpa ye be home....but where shall I find grandma lian? (符合老古董)

    ●Hey..yo yo.. grandpa, man.., nice to see you home (welcome home)! But give me grandma! man~


    ●grandpa, grandpa.... you are home... grandpa you are home... this is where you belong..... ah grandpa, you are home. (西安後宰門國小版).... but where is grandma? grandma~~~~ where ARE you? ~~~~~ (白目版)


    覺得他們很可愛嘞 ^^

    2005-07-14 04:31:03 補充:

    ah.. sorry, didn't proofread. It's thee :P

    Source(s): mi casa, su casa, right? grandpa
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  • 2 decades ago


    yo wasup grand pa lien~~~~~, welcome back my man!! shit, where is grand ma lien???


    howdy grand pa lien~~~~ welcome home!!! by the way, where is grand ma lien???


    Alo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ha grand pa lien, welcome back!! wait, where is grand ma lien???


    hey~~~~~ amigo....... grand pa lien, welcome welcome!! want a taco from the bell??? no more grand ma lien???

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  • 2 decades ago

    Grand Pa Lien, you come back!!

    How about Grand Ma?


    Grand Pa Lien, welcome back!!

    Where is Grand Ma?

    Source(s): Myself
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