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親愛的賣家:我上個月在E-bay得標你的CD:CELINE DION: Ultra-Rare Perfume CD ** PROMO / @@P  (4725063098)!我的帳號是:dion75827若我沒記錯的話,我在得標的3-4天以內就已經把27.00美金以掛號信寄給你了!你的住址資料是:Nicolas Bayart  276 Rose-Alma  Rosemere, QC J7A3B8  CANADA沒錯吧?但是....為什麼我等了將近1個月都還沒收到你的CD呢?其實...這張CD是要買給我一個生病的朋友的,因為他很喜歡這張香水專輯,所以我想送給他當生日禮物!他的生日就快到了....拜託你~無論如何一定要把這張CD寄給我,好嗎?我相信你應該收到我記得現金了;我以前有被外國買家欺騙過....所以特別害怕你不會把CD寄給我....拜託你~請你一定要把這張CD寄給我,我希望我們能有美好的交易!我也希望我能夠因為交易成功而更喜歡加拿大人!我不希望我會因為拍賣的事情而討厭加拿大人.....如果你堅持要掛號收據的號碼,我也可以提供給你;而我也希望你能告訴我原因!再次謝謝你!希望你有空可以寄出CD&回信給我!--------------------------------------------------------------因為這位賣家試圖吃掉我的錢,所以拜託大家幫我把上面的話翻譯成英文!最好是語氣軟一點!拜託了~希望能成功.....

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    Dear seller:

    I last month at E- Bay mark your CD: CELINE DION: Ultra- Rare Perfume CD * * PROMO / @@P (4725063098) !

    My account number is: dion75827

    If's I have not slap wrong word, I at article 3-4 day within then already ba 27.00 dollar as registered letter send to you!

    Your address' data is: Nicolas Bayart 276 Rose- Alma Rosemere, QC J7A3B8 CANADA


    but. ...why's I wait for near upon one month all give back have not receive your CD?

    actually. ..this piece of CD is want buy for my a diseased friend de,

    Because he very like this' a piece of perfume's special edition, so I want send he while birthday present!

    His birthday fast go. ...request sb. to do sth. you~ In any case certain want this piece of CD send to me, good?

    I believe you should receive I remember cash; I before had foreign country's buyer cheat. especial you can not be afraid of CD send to me. ...

    Request sb. to do sth. you~ You certain want please this piece of CD send to me, I hope we can have good bargain!

    I too hope I be able to because bargain successful but much like Canadian!

    I not hope I can because auction de matter but hate Canadian. ....

    If you insist on want register receipt de number, I too can supply to you; but I too hope you can tell my cause!

    Again thanks you!

    Hope you free can sends CD& write back to me!

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    Last month on eBay I was the winning bidder for a CD:CELINE DION: Ultra-Rare Perfume CD ** PROMO

    eBay Item number: 4725063098

    My eBay ID is : dion75827

    If I'm not wrong, I have sent registered mail in cash for the amount of USD$27 within 3-4 days after the bid closed.

    Your address is:

    Nicolas Bayart

    276 Rose-Alma

    Rosemere, QC J7A3B8


    Hope this is correct.

    The thing is, I have been waiting for over a month for the arrival of this CD. This CD is intended as a gift to one of my sick friend. He loves this Ultra-Rare Perfume CD so much that I wanted to give him this CD as a birthday gift. His birthday is near the corner and no matter what, please send me this CD ASAP.

    I believe that you have already received the cash. Because I have gotten bad experiences before from a foreign seller, therefore, I'm afraid that you will not send the CD to me.

    Please, you must send this CD to me so that we can complete a successful transaction.

    From a good transaction, I will love Canadian even more. From a bad transaction, that will make me dislike Canadians.

    If you require registered mail receipt for the tracking number, I can provide it to you.

    Please send this CD at your earliest convenience.

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