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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

在飯店做room service服務人員的基礎英文會話

因為我將要去飯店實習而工作內容正是room service ,

而我想知道的事 通常遇到外國客人要說些什麼 ?做room service這份工作最常要說些什麼 ,除了thank you very much跟I am terrible sorry外.請熟知這方面事務的人給予我詳盡的解答,感激不盡!謝謝

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    其實room service 會用到的英文就跟餐廳差不多,例如送餐到門口要先敲門問:Excuse me, room service. May I come in? 進客人房間後詢問要放在哪裡? Where would you like me to set up the table? 等等,然後領小費當然就Thank you very much 然後就閃人啦!

    訓練的時候都會教你一些會用到的英文,放心啦!我們這邊也有很多實習生都做的很好喔!! 加油!!

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    Excuse me, may I help you?


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  • James
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    2 decades ago

    I'm terribly Sorry!! Not terrible sorry.......

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