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別人寄信給我 You're awake!!!!!!!←請問這句是什麼阿...I miss you a lotcccccDo you enjoy your summer vacation?Don't say you can't understand= =Because i just can use English= =我想回信,可是英文夠破,可否幫我翻譯一下↓在墾丁的時候 我們度過很多快樂的時光 也拍了很多照片到時在給你看囉 可是回程我發生車禍 下巴縫七針 現在每天在家邊打電腦邊想你 最後祝你在英國學很多東西也能享受那裡所有的一切 至於紀念品 我沒說我想要哦 哈哈哈↑以上意思差不多的話你們可以改一點...謝謝了...因為標題他說要那樣打 我就照他打說的 因為我覺得那句最難幫我全翻的人非常感謝哦^^







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    在墾丁的時候 我們度過很多快樂的時光 也拍了很多照片

    We had so much sweet memories while we were in Kenting, and we have also taken so many pictures.

    到時在給你看囉 可是回程我發生車禍 下巴縫七針

    I will show you by then, but on the way back I had a car accident, that caused me having 7 stitches on my chin.

    現在每天在家邊打電腦邊想你 最後祝你在英國學很多東西

    Now my daily activities are playing computer and thinking of you. Finally I wish that you can learn alot in the UK.

    也能享受那裡所有的一切 至於紀念品 我沒說我想要哦 哈哈哈

    As well as to enjoy everything over there. Well about souvenirs, I didn't say if I want any, hahaha.

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    1. next time 的後面加上 we meet會比較貼切~.

    2.用 In the end, 因為 finally 的"最後"是指"終於、終究"的意思(雖然中文很像)!

    3.I never 後面那句改成這樣可能會比較好~



    We spent a lot of great time at Kenting.

    We also took a lot of photos; I'll show you next time we meet.

    Unfortunately, I ran into a car accident on my way home and had my chin sewn up for seven stitches... Alas!

    Currently I stay at home playing computer as well as thinking about you.

    In the end, I wish you'll have learned a lot about your study in Britain and enjoy everything there.

    As for souvenirs... I just could say nothing to you that I want any..., could I? Ha ha~

    Paradise!這個縫7針的學分就送給阿傑唄 ^0^*

    因為我只是在改他的文章而已... (畢竟...我也不能盡善盡美 XD)

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    第一位的翻譯太恐怖了 眼睛很痛ˊˋ

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