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    2 decades ago
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    詞性不同,意思不同,用法當然不同囉! ^^*


    §動詞 [(使)倒退、支持]

    *以 back 為動詞的動詞性片語:

     back out [背信]

     back up [支持、擁護]

    §名詞 [背部/面]

    *以 back 為名詞的形容詞或副詞性片語:

     at the back of [在...後方]

    *以 back 為名詞的動詞片語:

     get one's back up [令人不爽或生氣]

    §形容詞 [後部的]

    *以 back 為形容詞的形容詞或副詞性片語:

     through the back door [以走後門方式...]

    §副詞 [退/向後地,往回地]

    *以 back 為副詞的動詞片語:

     go back [往回、回溯]

     back and forth [來來去去、往往返返]

     hold back [阻礙/止]


    §名詞 [後股、衣後襟]

    *以 behind 為名詞的動詞性片語:

     come up from behind [迎頭趕上]

    §介係詞 [在...之後]

    *以 behind 介詞的形容詞或副詞性片語:

     behind fashion [不新潮、擺遜]

     behind one's back [背著某人、暗地裡]

    §副詞 [在後(方)地]

    *以 behind 為副詞的動詞性片語:

     fall behind [落後、掉於後方]

     leave behind [遺(忘)下了]



    與 back 同義:


    與 back 的反義:

     forth、ahead ←但兩字皆為副詞

     forward(s) ←但此字為形容詞或副詞

     forward 亦可作動詞 [轉寄]

    Source(s): 參考多種資料所彙整的,而且自己本身就很清楚~
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  • 2 decades ago

    1. 指身體部份時, 是不同的

    back - 背, 後背. Watch your back. 小心你後面.

    behind - 屁股. she has quite a behind. 她的屁股還蠻大的.

    2. 指地點, 當介系詞, 可以互通...

    It is in the back of the house. 在屋子後面

    It is behind the house. 在後面

    不同的是, BACK 是 "in the ...of ...", 而 behind 就不用, 直接加受詞即可.

    Source(s): 自己
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  • 2 decades ago

    都是後面的意思沒錯 ... 不過兩個詞性不同

    behind 是介係詞 , 所以後面可直接加名詞

    back 形容詞和名詞 , 當名詞時後面不可直接加名詞

    舉例 : 我在你後面 ...

    1. I am behind you .

    2. I am in the back of you .

    簡單的解釋 ... 這樣你懂了嗎??

    Source(s): 克里斯鴻英文教室 ~
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    back (RETURN) [Show phonetics]


    1 in, into or towards a previous place or condition, or an earlier time:

    When you take the scissors, remember to put them back.

    He left a note saying 'Gone out. Back soon'.

    She went to America for two years, but now she's back (= has returned).

    He looked back (= looked behind him) and saw they were following him.

    Looking at her old photographs brought back (= made her remember) a lot of memories.

    I was woken by a thunderstorm, and I couldn't get back to sleep (= could not return to sleep).

    The last time we saw Lowell was back (= at an earlier time) in January.

    This tradition dates back to (= to the earlier time of) the 16th century.

    2 in return:

    If he hits me, I'll hit him back.

    You're not just going to let her say those things about you without fighting back, are you?

    3 in reply:

    I'm busy at the moment - can I call you back?

    I wrote to Donna several months ago, but she hasn't written back yet.


    behind (BACK) [Show phonetics]

    preposition, adverb

    at the back (of):

    Look behind you!

    I hung my coat behind the door.

    Alex led, and I followed along behind.

    MAINLY UK As hard as she tried, she always fell behind the other swimmers in the races.

    I was annoyed to discover that I'd left my bag behind (= in the place I had left).

    After the party a few people stayed behind (= stayed when others had gone) to help clear up.

    The old woman was behind with (= late paying) the rent.

    FIGURATIVE I knew that behind (= hidden by) her smile was sadness.

    behind [Show phonetics]


    responsible for or the cause of:

    He wondered what was behind his neighbour's sudden friendliness.

    Marie Curie was the woman behind enormous changes in the science of chemistry.

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