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請問 few 和 a few 有什麼不同.該怎麼用呢?

請問 few 和 a few 有什麼不同.該怎麼用呢?麻煩列個例句說明一下他們使用的時機與不同點

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    few 很少 (不夠) 的意味 幾乎沒有

    a few 有幾個但是不多


    If I say that Charlie owns a few books on Latin American literature that means that he has some some books — not a lot of books, but probably enough for our purposes. If I say that Charlie owns few books on Latin American literature, that means he doesn't have enough for our purposes and we'd better go to the library.

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    A few 是指還有一些,但為數不多!!

    Ex:A few people live here. 少數人居住在此!

    few 是指幾乎沒有ㄌ.少ㄉ可憐..(有負面ㄉ意思在)

    Ex: Only few people live here.幾乎沒有人居住在此ㄌ.寥寥無幾!


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    呵呵...sorry about that..u r right!!我不小心一時搞混ㄌ..對大大ㄇ說聲sorry 嚕!!

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    (220,284)+ 天使心 = answer

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    few  : 幾乎沒有(可數名詞)例句  :There are few cookies in the box.盒子裡幾乎沒有餅乾.a few  : 一些(可數名詞)I need a few pens.我需要一些筆.

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    a few相當於some


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    I have few minutes.我還有一些時間

    a few 是指幾乎沒有

    I have a few minute.我幾乎沒有時間

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