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口試How to teach”Ponics”?


ㄧ題熱門題 How to teach "Ponics" ?



請求各位 高手們 指點迷津吧~~~~~

(可以用英文呈現,並稍加中文說明一下嗎? 我怕我太笨看不懂耶~ )

Thank you ~

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    1. There are 21 consonants in the alphabet.

    2. The letters a,e,i,o, and u are vowels. Vowels between two consonants usually make a short sound. The short vowel sounds are are a as in cat, e as in net, i as in fish, o as in box and u as in rug.

    3. Long vowels say their name. The long vowel sounds are a as in cake, e as in feet, o as in rope, i as in dime and u as in cute.

    4. Sometimes the letter e is silent in words that have a long vowel sound, like cape.

    An e at the end of a word is silent. It usually makes the vowel sound before it long. "Rake"

    5. Some letters have the same sound. The beginning sound of "c" in cat sounds like the beginning sound of "k" in kite.

    6. Beginning sounds.

    7. Ending sounds.

    8. Some ending sounds are similar. "N" and "M"

    9. Words with the same middle and ending sounds rhyme. "hen" and "pen"

    10. Phonograms(word family). Examples are as following:

    "fight", "night" and "plight" (~ight word family)

    "dog" and "frog" (~og word family)

    11. Two consonants can work together: beginning blends (tr, fr, dr, sl,pl.....) and ending blends(mp,st,nt....)

    12. Sometimes two consonants together stand for one sound called digraphs: sh, th,wh.....

    There are more.........

    But these should do the trick!!!!

    Very plain English, hope you can read it ok.

    Best luck!!!

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