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Certainly you bet是什麼意思???

Certainly you bet是什麼意思???

Certainly you bet是什麼意思???


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    You bet 是說 “yes”的加強說法

    You can be sure; certainly. 即當然,一定。


    A: Are you going to study for IMBA at National Chengchi University?

    B: You bet.

    那 Certainly you bet 即是"那一定是的"。

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    他之前遇到的問 題跟你一樣


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    樓上的大大~~ 我沒寫錯阿!應該啦= = 我在作圖題和證明題旁邊寫:拜託老師給我分數...(我們老師很好,所以才可以這樣寫啦!)

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    應該是"Certainly. You bet ur." (ur = you, you bet you = you can bet yourself onto something) [非常口語化]

    Certainly = 確實

    bet = 打賭

    全句意思應該是 : 這是確定的, 沒有問題的, 很放心的. (可以放心到把自己也賭下去)

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