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幫阿拉丁配音的Brad Kane基本資料!20點!

我想要幫迪士尼卡通"阿拉丁"配音的Brad Kane的基本資料~




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    我盡力找了 可是沒有中文版的 英文介紹不難啦 都是簡單的單字 希望你看得懂囉....

    Bradly Scott Kane

    Born: 12 October 1976 (New York City, NY)

    BRAD KANE (singing voice of Aladdin) lends his elegant singing voice to the main character in two of the Menken-Rice songs we hear in the film. Changing easily from the lively "One Jump Ahead" to the calm ballad, "A Whole New World," Kane shows us his great musical skill and gives Aladdin exactly the right sound and attitude. Originally Kane had auditioned to play the role of Aladdin some years ago, when the project first began. He began to lose hope of getting the role, after seeing what fierce competition he had. Because of that, it was a great surprise to find out that he had been chosen to sing as Aladdin.

    Kane was born in and grew up in New York City. He began to act when he was three years old, with a small role in the movie "Six Weeks." After that, he obtained a role in a nationally-circulated commercial, which he auditioned for by the reccomendation of one of his teachers. This led him to sign a contract with an agent, the one who pushed him very much in his artistic career. At the age of eight and a half, he obtained the role of one of the four chorus boys in the Broadway musical "Evita," in which, ironically, he sang songs whose lyrics were penned by Tim Rice. He was in that production for four months before changing to a more scenic Steven Sondheim's "Sunday In The Park With George," in which he began to act alongside such stars as Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin. At the age of eleven, Kane participated in the "Very Special Arts" festival, a benefit for disabled children, which gave him an opportunity to sing by First Lady Nancy Reagan in the White House and the Kennedy Center.

    Kane has apeared in many commercials and has been a guest star in such popular programs as "Law and Order," "One Life to Live," "Guiding Light," "Search for Tomorrow," and "Plaza Sésamo." He has also been a host on the Nickelodeon series, "Rated K Update," and has been the assistant conductor of an interview program called "Girl Talk."

    In theater, his credits include the role of the young Lucius in the Public Theater's production of "Titus Andronicus," and two roles in the Lincoln Center's production of "Winter's Tale."

    This multitalented artist ids actually in his second year at the New York University of Cinema, where he studies the history of movies and their creation. When he's not in school, Kane's passion is his band "Misconceptions," which has many followers in New York, Baltimore, Albony and other close places. Kane is the lead singer of the group, and he also writes the songs and occasionally plays the guitar and the harmonica for this alternative rock group, which is now making their first album. Kane describes his voice "as an instrument from which I can obtain many different sounds. Sometimes I can give it a very classical sound and other times I can get sounds from it that seem like they're made by an unsharpened knife."



    Heaven's Pond (2003)

    The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (2002)

    Say You'll Be Mine (1999)

    Starship Troopers (1997)

    Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

    Christmas in Toontown (1996)

    The Return of Jafar (1994)

    Aladdin (1992)

    Six Weeks


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Superstar" (Episode 4.17) 4/04/2000

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "The Prom" (Episode 3.20) 5/11/1999

    Audubon's Animal Adventures (1996)

    Aladdin on Ice (1995)

    The Magic of Aladdin (1993)

    Law & Order: "Out of Control" (Episode 2.8) 11/12/1991

    Girl Talk (1989)

    ABC Funfit (1985)

    Rated K Update

    Guiding Light

    Search For Tomorrow


    Grease (1994)

    She Loves Me (1993)

    Sunday in the Park with George (1983)


    Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge (VG) (2001)

    Lea Salonga (CD) (1993)

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