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Anonymous asked in 運動籃球 · 2 decades ago


"I just believe it's time.I've always said to you that when I felt this organization,this feanchise,the players were able to take thenext step,I think it would be time for me to move on.I really thinkthe younger players are able,willing bodies to carry this franchise on."

-31and the only,Reggie Miller


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  • 2 decades ago
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    我只是相信現在是時候到了。我總是對你們說,當我感覺這個組織 (指印第安那溜馬)和這個職業球隊,以及所有其他球員能夠往前(未來)走下去時,我認為它將是我動身離開的時候。我真的認為這些年輕的球員是能夠而又有決心要帶領這個球隊繼續下去.

    Franchise ==> 特許權, 指授權允許經營職業球隊.

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