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並依法追究相關責任” - 英文怎麼翻譯? help!

並依法追究相關責任" - 英文怎麼翻譯? help!


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    following sentense is just an example upon your fragment words.

    (1) relevant duty(or responsibility or infringement) is prosecuted as well.

    however, i think similar usages responding to your question can have other presentations, see the following,

    (example1:) we'll also retain the right of prosecution for relevant duty caused by your violation against the contract.

    (example2:) i don't think it's wise to use P2P for purpose of file sharing since we may be claimed for the infringement or relevant duty prosecuted by sources in original.

    Source(s): my experience
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    ● 1 ● Also pursue the related responsibility by law

    ● 2 ● And pursue the related responsibility by law

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