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    Taking more risks doesn't always maximize the benefits; however,

    we will enjoy the rewards by our willingness to take thoughtful risks.


    Source(s): What I Think (not good at translating though)
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    A higher risk not alwasy results in a higher return. However, to gain a high return has to bear a higher risk.

    我不明白你為什麼會說 "享受"比較高的報酬? 反正, 我這裡用了"gain-獲得"去表達.

    2005-06-25 08:24:45 補充:

    are you trying to explain why you use "enjoy" in this sentence? I'm just not sure if it can do the same in English, so I choose the safe way by using "gain" the word.

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    我個人認為是:The risk is more big, remunerating not necessarily more big, to enjoy the higher guerdon, have to undertake the bigger risk

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