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阿武 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago






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  • 2 decades ago
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    Learning machine

    Have you ever been dislike your school? Have you ever been dislike your teacher? Have you ever been dislike your classroom? When you open your book, have you every been dislike your book so much that you don’t want to learn anything and just close your book?

    Well, learning is so hard! So difficult! So boring! So much work to do and so less time to play.

    Every time when your Dad and Mom scold you for your bad mark of examination, because you got a D or E grade, you will hate yourself, why you spent so much time in learning and you still got a poor mark? Why you can not be much smarter?

    If learning can be quick and easy and fun, …wow! that will be so good, so wonderful! And I can always have time to play my computer games.

    Ha! Ha!

    In a very boring Friday evening, I was laying in the couch and free my mind in a wide ,wide fantasy.

    Suddenly, I have a great idea!

    Why not invent a machine that I can learn quick and easy? A “ quick learning machine”!

    It is the greatest idea since the human being was landing on the moon!

    I started to put some parts together and try to make them work and to see what will happen.

    I collected some “ high tech” parts such as some electric wires , some IC, some LED lights from my old toy, some screws , bolts and nuts. I even broke apart a old hair dryer and a broken cassette tape recorder to get the parts. I hope my dad did not find this.

    It is not always work in the first time like all the great inventions, but through many failures ,many try and errors. Finally I invent a QLM “quick learning machine”.

    Let me tell you how to use my great “ learning machine”.

    First , you have to record the articles or formulas to my “ QLM” – Quick learning machine , just talk to my machine and record into the QLM. Then put the QLM on your head and go to sleep , Of course , you have to sleep well at first, if you still can sleep.

    The QLM will play the articles and formulas and bra, bra… to your head while you are sleeping. May be you will wake up for a while or even sleepless, well… use some sleeping pills to help you sleep well if your dad and mom will allow you to use the sleeping pills.

    I tested the QLM machine for many times, it really works; you see, I recite this English speech just over one night, and even some poet of shakes peer. , i

    anyway, forget it!

    The QLM is a very great machine that will terminate the painful learning of students.

    Unfortunately, one day, my grand mom threw away my QLM because she was cleaning our closet, she thought it was a garbage and dropped into the garbage collector.

    Wow….. my great invention is gone…. I felt sad for a while, but my dad and mom were quite happy with this accident. They said they can have good sleeping and dream and won’t have nightmares anymore.

    Source(s): 節錄自本人的英語演講比賽(雖然不是來自網路上ㄉ,但可參考看看)
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago 雙語學生郵報,有免費註冊加入會員 LiveABC 線上學習專區

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