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如何用英文來形容門簾(curtain)? 急!!!


Item: ruler

Shape: long, rectangle

Made of: wood or plastic

How to use it: use it for drawing , it makes straight lines

Place: in school, home or office

以同樣的方式(item ; shape ; made of; how to use it ; place)來形容門簾,該怎麼形容呢?請大家幫幫忙! Thanks!

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    Item: curtainShape: long, rectangle (short, square…)Made of: cotton(silk, linen, polyester…)How to use it: hang up beside the window (or over the door) for decorating and keeping the room warm. Place: in school, home or office(也可以用於窗帘)

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    is this ur homework?

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    Item: curtain

    Shape: rectangle or Square

    Made of: cotton, polyester

    How to use it: hangs in a window or other opening as a decoration, shade, or screen

    Place: home or theater

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