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    FAQ for Interviews:

    Tell me about yourself.

    What position do you plan to have after 1, 3 and 5 years?

    What factors led you to choose your major in your university?

    What do you know about our field?

    What do you know about our company?

    Why should we hire you?

    What is your greatest strength?

    What is your greatest weakness?

    What qualifications do you think that are necessary for this job?

    What will you do when you worked under pressure?

    Describe some experiences that you have done which showed initiatives and willingness to work.

    How do you spend your spare time?

    What are your salary expectations?

    英文履歷表範例 (一)

    Frank CHAN

    99/F.,199 Tin Lok St., Tuen Mun

    Hong Kong

    2469 5685 / 9099 8978


    Employment in marketing

    Education & Qualifications

    Bachelor of Business Administration

    University of Hong Kong (1996-2000)

    - Major in marketing and minor in Japanese Studies

    - Awarded scholarship for Exchange Student Programme

    Exchange Student

    Asia University, Osaka, Japan (1997-1998)

    Subjects taken:

    - Advance Japanese Language

    - Japanese Cultural Studies

    Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination

    On Lok College S.6-S.7 (1994-1996)

    - Chinese Language (A), Chinese History (B), English Language (C) and History (D)

    Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination

    On Lok College S.1-S.5 (1989-1994)

    - Chinese Language (A), Chinese History (A), English Language (B) and Mathematics (B)

    Extra-curricular Activities

    1999-2000 Student Assistant, Asia Student Exchange Programme, University of Hong Kong

    1999-2000 Vice Chairman, Bridge Club, University of Hong Kong

    1997-1998 Member, Foreign Students Society, Asia University, Osaka, Japan

    1996-1997 Member, Bridge Club, University of Hong Kong

    1994-1996 Chairman, Chess Club, On Lok College

    1994-1995 Vice Chairman, Inter-school Chess Society

    Working Experience

    Fuji Japanese Studies Centre (1999-2000)



    - Teaching Japanese Language

    - Editing handouts

    Additional Information

    - Knowledge of MS Word, HTML, Netscape, PowerPoint and Excel

    - Proficient in English, Mandarin and Japanese

    References available upon request

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