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 Hello lin,In a review of 8-Ball Pool Challenge competition ID# 132211849, we discovered that you may have experienced a technical problem. We apologize for any inconvenience and have credited the entry fee of $1.00 directly to your WorldWinner Player Account.We have included a troubleshooting checklist for your convenience below. Or, simply click here to review our Help section online. If you continue to experience difficulties, please email us at Sincerely, Player Services

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    哈囉 lin,

    在 8 球池挑戰競爭身份證# 132211849 的檢討中,我們發現了你可能已經經歷一個技術上的問題。 我們為任何的不便道歉並且已經記入貸方進入費用$1.00 直接地對你的 WorldWinner 運動員帳戶。

    我們已經為你的下面方便包括一張故障修理檢查表。 或,只是在這裡按檢討我們的幫忙部分線上。

    如果你繼續經歷困難,請在 寄我們。


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