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Kate Moss:請介紹凱特摩絲

老實說我是因為喜歡JOHNNY DEPP才知道她的。







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    雖然是英文的 可是單字都滿簡單的 應該看得懂^^ 這篇介紹挺完整的

    NAME: Kate Moss

    NATIONALITY: British

    HEIGHT: 5'6" - 5'7" depending on who you ask.

    MEASUREMENTS: 33-23-35

    WEIGHT: 105 lbs

    HAIR: Light Brown

    EYES: Hazel

    BORN: January 16, 1974 in Croydon, Surrey, England.

    DISCOVERED: In a JFK airport when she was 14 (1988) on her way back to London, England from a family vacation in the Bahamas when Sarah Doucas from Storm Agency spotted her.

    AGENCY: New York-Women, Paris-Marilyn, UK-Storm.

    INCOME: Made approx. $2.2 million (U.S.) in 1994. Her estimated worth in 2000 was $26.3 million. Charges at least $10,000 per day.

    RÉSUMÉ: One of the world's biggest supermodels ever. Had major Calvin Klein contract worth $4 million for 100 days of work. Was in ads for Yves Saint Laurent's perfume 'Opium'. The face of Chanel's perfume "Coco Mademoiselle". Major campaigns for Rimmel, Gucci, Fendi, etc. Has a picture book out (of her favourite photos of herself) called 'Kate. The Kate Moss story'. Hosted BBC documentary "Dazzled" about the pitfalls of the fashion industry (early 1999).

    TATTOOS: Has a quarter-inch tattoo of a heart on her hand.

    KNOWN FOR: An ultra-thin bod that started the waif look. Her daring and baring CK magazine and billboard ad's.

    HOME: Has apartments in Paris, France and London, England. But home base is in New York City. When she was with Johnny Depp, he and Kate bought an apartment on the Place Dauphine, in Paris.

    SWEETIE: Was with Johnny Depp for over three years. She met him at the trendy Café Tabac in New York City.

    OTHER: Gossip flew when she signed an autograph 'Kate Depp'. Her parents divorced when she was 15 and she has one brother, Nick, who also models. "My very first job was modelling topless for The Face," (a cutting edge British magazine). Her favourite drink is Coca-Cola.

    Kate Moss was admitted to the $500-a-day Priority Drug Rehab Clinic in London in November 1998 and discharged January 5, 1999. She says she checked in "to assess my life and future" but Kate Moss' party and drug habits were also well known in the industry. Ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp sent her a $100,000 BMW as a get-well gift on the day of her discharge. Kate Moss immediately took the new car for a spin. Unfortunately she left some meditation candles burning, next to a scarf her mummy gave her, which started a fire. It ignited the room and the building was evacuated but luckily no one was hurt.

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