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    One day a hare runs a race with a tortoise. At the very beginning, the hare outpaces the tortoise. “You tortoise, you’re never gonna win the race”, laughs the hare. After leaving the tortoise far behind, the hare decides to take a nap under the tree. But when he wakes up, the tortoise has already reached the finish line.

    龜兔賽跑中的烏龜和兔子應該是 tortoise 和 hare

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    順便解釋一下,turtle指海龜,你能想像海龜跑步ㄇ? 哈哈 hare是野兔,rabbit比較常用來指家庭豢養的兔子,這是用比較嚴格的觀點來看,如果不仔細區分其實無所謂,因為大家都知道你要說什麼。

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    tur‧tle [countable]

    1 a reptile that lives mainly in water and has a soft body covered by a hard shell

    2 American English any reptile that has a hard shell covering its body, for example a tortoise


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    Check your dictionary. I just wanna tell you it's very rude to call people misleading without any explanation. Maybe we refered to different resources but that doesn't follow either you or I have to be wrong.

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    Besides, I have mentioned either turtle or tortoise, hare or rabbit is fine because we know what you're try to say. It's just about choice of words. And I never used "turtle" as a biological term.

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    Please think twice before you try to make rude comments without further explanations. By the way, in your answer, don't you think your problem with subject-verb agreement and misspelling is also misleading? :)

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    One day, the rabbit and the tortoise are having a race. When the race just started, the rabbit leads the race. So the rabbit mocks at the tortoise and says " You are such a slow tortoise, you will never run ahead of me!" Then, the rabbit thinks the tortoise is far behind him. So the rabbit decides to have a rest and sleeps under the big tree beside the road. But suprisingly, when the rabbit wakes up, the tortoise has already arrived the finishing point.

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    One day, a rabbit is having a race with a tortoise,when the race begins,the rabbit immediately aheads the toroise,and it mocks at the tortoise "You slow tortoise,you will never be able to beat me!" Then,the rabbit has made a long distant ahead the tortoise, so it stopped and took a nap under the tree, when the rabbit wakes up, unexpectedly the tortoise had already reached the finishing point!

    P.S The first two answers were translated by a translator,it doesn't make any sense at all. the third one is alright but having a few mistakes. i am not trying to make negative comments. well as a foreigner,i just want to help

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    One day the rabbit wanted to race againt the turtle.  At the biginning the rabbit left the turtle far behind and laughed. 'You slow turtle.  You'll never win the race.' Later, the rabbit felt it had gone such far that the turtle was far behind.  It started to sleep underneath a tree.  When the rabbit woke up, the turtle had already reached the finish line.

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    "One day, the rabbit wants to run a race with the tortoise, opening to run, the rabbit led off to lead the tortoise, rabbit derision tortoise:"Your this slow tortoise, you all run forever however mine!", Afterwards, the rabbit saw the tortoise be jilted by it from a distance, shouting to sleep to get up greatly under the tree of one side, etc. after rabbit is awake, the surprisingly tortoise is already

    Arrive the terminal point"

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    ' Have one day, the rabbit should race with the tortoise, while opening and running, the rabbit takes the lead in the leading tortoise, the rabbit laughs at tortoises: ' you the slow tortoise, you run I forever! ',later on, the rabbit saw tortoises and was far got rid of by it, snored loudly in one's sleep under the tree aside, after the rabbit has woken up,let's unexpected by tortoise it reach already it is terminal point '

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