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? asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 2 decades ago





接下來魅影不是說"Damn you !"......後來唱一小段歌~






不過我想要從魅影說"Damn you....."後面的對白都給我~


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    2 decades ago
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    40400:43:18,080 --> 00:43:23,360Whose is the face in the mask?40500:43:31,280 --> 00:43:32,840Damn you!40600:43:32,880 --> 00:43:34,600You little prying Pandora!40700:43:34,640 --> 00:43:36,920You little demon40800:43:36,960 --> 00:43:38,880Is this what you wanted to see?40900:43:38,920 --> 00:43:40,640Curse you!41000:43:40,680 --> 00:43:43,480You little lying Delilah!41100:43:43,520 --> 00:43:44,760You little viper41200:43:44,800 --> 00:43:47,360Now you cannot ever be free!41300:43:47,400 --> 00:43:50,640Damn you...41400:43:50,680 --> 00:43:53,880Curse you...41500:43:56,000 --> 00:44:00,000Stranger than you dreamt it41600:44:00,280 --> 00:44:04,120Can you even dare to look41700:44:04,160 --> 00:44:08,000or bear to think of me:41800:44:08,280 --> 00:44:14,000this loathsome gargoyle,who burns in bell,41900:44:14,040 --> 00:44:19,080but secretly yearns for heaven,42000:44:19,120 --> 00:44:22,280secretly...42100:44:22,320 --> 00:44:25,480Christine...42200:44:28,680 --> 00:44:39,360Fear can turn to love- you'll learn to see to find the man behind the monster:42300:44:39,400 --> 00:44:51,080this repulsive carcass, who seems abeast but secretly dreams of beauty,42400:44:51,120 --> 00:44:56,480secretly...42500:44:56,800 --> 00:44:58,960Oh, Christine...42600:45:31,480 --> 00:45:33,560Come we must return42700:45:33,600 --> 00:45:36,400Those two fools Who run mytheatre Will be missing you.42800:46:36,560 --> 00:46:38,840"Mystery after gala night,"42900:46:38,880 --> 00:46:41,280It says, "Mystery of soprano's flight!"43000:46:41,320 --> 00:46:43,680"Mystified all the papers say,43100:46:43,720 --> 00:46:45,080we are mystified -43200:46:45,120 --> 00:46:46,440we suspect foul play!"43300:46:46,480 --> 00:46:48,920Bad news on soprano scene -43400:46:48,960 --> 00:46:52,720First Carlotta, now Christine!43500:46:52,760 --> 00:46:56,480Still, at least the seats get sold43600:46:56,520 --> 00:47:01,080Gossip's worth its weight in gold...43700:47:01,480 --> 00:47:03,880What a way to run a business!43800:47:04,160 --> 00:47:06,960Spare me these unending trials!43900:47:07,000 --> 00:47:08,640Half your cast disappears,44000:47:08,680 --> 00:47:10,280but the crowd still cheers!44100:47:10,320 --> 00:47:11,560Opera!44200:47:11,600 --> 00:47:14,960To hell with Gluck and Handel Have ascandal and you're sure to have a hint!44300:47:15,000 --> 00:47:15,720Damnable!44400:47:15,760 --> 00:47:16,960Will they all walk out?44500:47:17,000 --> 00:47:18,360This is damnable!44600:47:18,400 --> 00:47:19,600Andre, please don't shout...44700:47:19,640 --> 00:47:20,760It's publicity!44800:47:20,800 --> 00:47:22,400And the take is vast!44900:47:22,440 --> 00:47:23,560Free publicity!45000:47:23,600 --> 00:47:25,240But we have no cast...45100:47:25,280 --> 00:47:27,760Andre, have you seen the queue?45200:47:28,160 --> 00:47:32,880Oh, it seems you've got one too45300:47:34,000 --> 00:47:36,880"Dear Andre, what a charming gala!45400:47:37,360 --> 00:47:40,040Christine was in the world's sublime!45500:47:40,080 --> 00:47:42,960We were hardly bereftwhen Carlotta left -45600:47:43,280 --> 00:47:46,040On that note the diva is a disaster45700:47:46,080 --> 00:47:48,280must you cast her whenshe's seasons past her prime!45800:47:48,320 --> 00:47:49,240"Dear Firmin,45900:47:49,280 --> 00:47:50,400just a brief reminder:46000:47:50,680 --> 00:47:52,960my salary has not been paid.46100:47:53,360 --> 00:47:54,960Send it care of the ghost,46200:47:55,000 --> 00:47:56,480by return of post46300:47:56,520 --> 00:47:58,120P. T. O.:46400:47:58,160 --> 00:47:59,440No-one likes a debtor,46500:47:59,480 --> 00:48:01,600so it's better if my orders are obeyed!"46600:48:02,480 --> 00:48:04,800Who would have the gall to send this?46700:48:05,080 --> 00:48:07,280Someone with a puerile brain!46800:48:07,320 --> 00:48:09,480These are both signed "O. G."...46900:48:09,520 --> 00:48:11,080Who the hell is he?47000:48:11,120 --> 00:48:12,520Opera ghost!47100:48:12,560 --> 00:48:13,880It's nothing short of shocking47200:48:13,920 --> 00:48:15,160He's mucking our position!47300:48:15,200 --> 00:48:16,360In addition he wants money47400:48:16,400 --> 00:48:18,960What a funny aberrationto expect a large retainer!47500:48:19,000 --> 00:48:21,080Nothing plainer -he isclearly quite insane!47600:48:21,120 --> 00:48:21,840Where is she?47700:48:21,880 --> 00:48:22,520You mean Carlotta?47800:48:22,560 --> 00:48:24,280I mean Miss Daae -where is she?47900:48:24,320 --> 00:48:25,280Well, how should we know?48000:48:25,320 --> 00:48:26,040I want an answer -48100:48:26,080 --> 00:48:27,480

  • 2 decades ago

    Stranger than you dreamt it

    Can you even dare to look

    Or bear to think of me

    This loathsome gargoyle, who burns in hell

    But secretly yearns for heaven

    Secretly, secretly...


    Fear can turn to love

    You'll learn to see, to find the man

    Behind the monster. this...

    repulsive carcass, who seems a beast

    But secretly dreams of beauty

    Secretly.... secretly

    Oh, Christine.
















    2005-06-18 19:01:21 補充:

    Damn you!

    You little prying Pandora!

    You little demon!

    Is this what you wanted to see?

    Cures you!

    You little lying Delilah!

    You little viper!

    Now you cannot ever be free!

    Damn you! Cures you!


    妳這個小惡魔 這就是妳一直想看的?

    該死!妳這虛假的妖女! 妳這條小毒蛇


    你該死! 你該遭天譴

    Source(s): 電影歌詞
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