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What the love of God is?

please answer me this question:

What the love of God in Christ Jesus is?

thx a lot!

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    Your question is interesting.

    First of all, the love of God would be very much depending on how much you believe in the bible.

    If you believe everything said in the New Tastement is based on the truth, partcularly the first 4 books (Book of Mattew, Mark, Luke, and John), you would know what Jeuse Christ has done for us.

    At that time, there were people who disbelieved that Jeuse was Messiah, the promised King of Israel. Whatever criticizm, torturing, harassment, and false accusation, the Jews had placed onto Jesus Christ, He never took a revenge.

    Jesus was put to death on the cross. Did he ever ask God to punish those who have abused him? NO! When he was nearly to his death on the cross 十字架. He even prayed to His father, God that, to forgive those people, as they did not know what they were doing! (Luke 23:34)

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    Would you die for strangers?

    Would you be happy to die when you have done nothing wrong?

    Would you be happy to die when people had wrongly accused you for things you did not do?

    Would you go around to teach people doing goodness and never see anything in return?

    The only reason, Jesus Christ went through those things for us was from GREAT LOVE. He wants us all have an eternal life.

    I could not die or suffer for others like the way Jesus did, so I know that is from LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE.......

    Source(s): The Bible
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