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    1.DOE: Department of energy’s.

    2.PCB: Printed circuit board.

    3.NA:Numerical aperture.(數值孔徑)光纖特性的一種量度


    5.G I :Graded – index

    6. P F : Perfluorinated.

    7.PMMA: Poly methymethacrylate.

    8.VCSEL: Vertical cavity surface emiting lasers.

    9.CVT: Continuous variable transmissions.

    10. I R S : Integrated reference systems .

    11. FTTH : Fiber to the home.( 光纖到家)

    12 .HFC: Hybrid fiber cable.

    13.FTTC: Fiber to the curb.(光纖到路旁)

    14. VDT : Video Dialtone.

    15 MVPDs: Multichannel video programming services.

    16. DTV : Digital television.

    17.MSTV: Maximum Service Television.

    18.OET: Ostroff further

    19.NEON: NorthEast optic Network.

    20.SCE: Southern California Edison.

    21.CEVs: Controlled Envirinment Vaults.

    22.HDTV:High Definition Television.

    23.SDTV:Standard Definition satellite Television.

    24.VOD: Video-on-demand.

    25.DBS: Direct Broadcast Satellite.

    26.MDU: Multi-Dwelling Unit.

    27.RBOCs: Regional Bell operating companies.

    28.PCOs : Private Cable Operators.

    29.SMATV: Satellite Master Antenna Television.

    30.MSO : Multiple System Operator.

    31. IRD:Integrated Receiver/Decoder.

    32.DWDM: Dense wave division multiplexing.(高密度分波多工)

    33.ILECs: Incumbent local exchange carriers.

    34.CLECs: Competitive local exchange companies.

    35.ESP: Efficient speedstream program.

    36.VARs: value-added resellers.




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