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孟買是一個新興的渡假地.孟買有800萬人,每天有1000名以上的新移民,看似美麗的孟買其實非常複雜,他擁有很多百萬富翁但也有許多貧民窟,每天都有許多懷抱夢想的移民者來這兒希望成文為富翁,但事實並非如此,有許多吸毒者, bagger ,小偷 ,非法販賣商人在路上, 四處充滿危機,美麗的外表和實際的生活並不成正比..孟買這個城市充滿著人.犯罪.貪污,就像是部電影,荒亂到令人難以相信.

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    Bombay is a new developing crossing the false ground. There are 8 million people in Bombay, there are more than 1000 new immigrants every day, seemingly beautiful Bombay is actually very complicated, he has a lot of millionaires but have a lot of slums , the persons who there are the immigrants of a lot of arms dreams every day come here to hope that the written form is as the rich man, but the fact is not like this, there are a lot of drug addicts , bagger, the thief, traffic businessmen on the road illegally , is full of crises everywhere, it is beautiful appearance and real one have the getting in direct more radio life.. This city of Bombay is full of people. Crime. Corrupts , it is just like a film, so in great disorder that make people inconceivable.

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