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根 據1990年人口普查的資料,阿拉斯加有551497人,與它廣大的面積相比之下,相當於每2.7平方公里才居住1人。而在這之中,又有16,000阿拉 斯加人是在外國出生的,真正的原住民(愛斯基摩人、印地安人、阿留特人)只有64,000人左右,其中又以愛斯基摩人佔大多數。他們居住在北極海、白令海 沿岸區,和育康及Kuskokwimi河岸,大部份以捕魚、打獵為生;但其它一些居住在較文明地區的,也有以做生意或採礦為業者。




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    According to 1990 the census material, Alaska had 551,497 people under, compared with its general area, was equal lives 1 person to every 2.7 square kilometers talents. But in this, also some 16,,000 Alaska people are in the foreign birth, the genuine original resident (eskimo, Indian, Arab League keep special person) only to have about 64,,000 people, to the eskimo occupies the majority. They live in the North Pole sea, the Bering Sea coast area, with nurtures Kang and the Kuskokwimi river bank, the major part take catches fish, goes hunting as lives; But other some live in a more civilized area, also has take does business or mining as industry. The Juneau JUNEAU Alaska's capital Juneau is the Aras California's capital, also is the entire American mainland does not only have the road and the railroad external communication State authority; As a result of the geography factor, forms southeast Alaska the most beautiful landscape. As a result of the historical reason, the dream which panned for gold still continuously continues, antique Sharon, Jin Sha 名品 the shop, trod on the stone anode circuit, a circle your Alaska panned for gold the dream.

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    There is a population of 555,497 people according to the census, 1990. It's approximately 1 resident per 2.7 square kilometers in contrast with its enormous measurement of land. There are 16,000 Alaskans born abroad among all. Numbers of oboriginals(Eskimo, Indian and Aleut) are about 64,000 which Eskimos are the majority. They reside around the coast of Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, as well as riversides of Yu-Kan and Kuskokwimi. Most of them make a live by fishing and hunting, but some others who are in more civilized area may make a live by engaging a business or mining.

    JUNEAU~ Capital of Alaska

    JUNEAU is the capital of Alaska, which is also the only one of state goverments without any road or rails reaching out of the other state. JUNEAU is shaped as the most beautiful place in east-southern part of Alaska due to it's special geography . and fossicked dream never dies by the reason of the history. you can make your fossicked dream come true by visiting Alaska, walking around the old-timey salon and crackajack stores on the flaggings.

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