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航空 20-25天

重量不超過半公斤 275

每續重半公斤 140







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    in a detailed one for you explain ! ! The freight charges are the following! !

    There is no way of empty through transport in land in Nigeria, there is only way with the land and water of aviation

    Aviation 20-25 days

    Weight does not exceed half a kilogram 275

    Continue half heavy kilogram each time 140

    I have not taken the balance away to cross weight yet in addition! !

    What the egg can be confirmed is that the price should be under 500 Taiwan dollars! !

    If you confirm that please remit money and finish tomorrow! !

    The letter is told you are confirming the location and telephone name! !

    I will send to you! !

    Thank you for thank youing

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    Please allow me to explain the differences in the charges:

    There is no land-air combined post in Nigeria except by air or sea only.

    By airmail it takes between 20-25 (working?)days

    under 0.5 Kg is $275

    any 500g exceeding 0.5 kg is $140.

    I have not weighted the parcel yet.

    I can be sure that the price for eggs is within NTD$500.

    If you can confirm your address, contact phone number and name, I will send the items for you once I received the money from you.

    Thank you.

    hope this helps.. this looks like a semi-formal letter?

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