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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using creadit cards?



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    Advantages and Disadvantages

    Click here to discover the best UK credit cards...

    Featured Sites:

    Morgan Stanley Platinum

    Apply for your Morgan Stanley Platinum Card and enjoy the rewards of up to 2% Cashback until 1st May 2005 and up to 1% Cashback Bonus™ award thereafter with one of the UK's best cashback rewards.† Pay just 5.9% p.a. on all balance transfers for the life of balance for transfers made before 1st Aug 2005. Typical 15.90%APR (variable).

    Virgin Credit Card

    Pick from a range of card benefits, designs and interest rate set-ups. You can choose from one of their 'to go' cards, offering 0% pa balance transfer rate for 9 months with a Typical 15.90%APR (variable) on card purchases. Alternatively, you can use their simple wizard to work out the best card set up for you.



    cheaper for short term borrowing: credit cards can be cheaper than a personal loan for short term borrowing - interest is only paid on the remaining debt, not the full loan amount.

    greater flexibility: you only need to pay a minimum amount each month or you can pay up to the total outstanding amount.

    no redemption penalties: paying off a loan early can result in redemption penalties.

    interest free credit period: typically, up to 56 days interest free credit can be obtained.

    remote purchasing: enables you to purchase products and services remotely via the internet or phone.

    additional benefits: many cards offer additional benefits such as additional insurance cover on purchases, cash back, air miles and discounts on holidays.


    expensive cash withdrawals: withdrawing cash from a cashpoint can be very expensive.

    insufficient credit limit: you may not be able to obtain as much credit as you want.

    easier to get into debt: can encourage the purchasing of goods and services you cannot really afford; supports a 'buy now, worry later' mentality.

    open to fraudulent use: using a credit card, especially remotely, introduces an element of risk as the card details may fall into the wrong hands resulting in fraudulent purchases on the card. [more on fraud]



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    The advantage side is you dun have to take too much money and almost work all over the world.

    Disadvantage side is people are greedy.

    They will let money fly as soon as possible.

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