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Table 2 shows some of the pathological cases where there are nodes that are almost shut off with a very low throughput, while and the rest of the nodes are sharing the link.

Most of these cases are suing RTS and CTS. In our experiment where each node can hear the rest of the nodes, the use of RTS/CTS degrades the performance and is not needed. However, in other situations where the hidden terminal problem does exist we have to use RTS/CTS and we have to worry about the fairness of the protocol.

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    表二呈現出有節點幾乎關掉且有著非常低的生產力時的一些不好的例子,此時剩下的節點們共用著 link。大部份的這些例子是在請求RTS和CTS。在我們的實驗,每個節點可以聽到剩下的節點, RTS/CTS的使用是沒有必要且會降低成績。然而,在其它hidden terminal problem 存在的情況,我們必須使用RTS/CTS和擔心協定的公平性

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    雞婆的解釋一下Hidden node problem

    Hidden node problem是指A和B兩點的通訊範圍雖然有交集,但是卻又無法涵蓋到對方節點,因此不能直接得知對方的存在


    看的模模糊糊? (我也知道我的表達能力有問題)

    那就來看看這個 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_node_problem



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