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A 4 way 3 position proportional directional vale with a closed center. The valve should

have a feedback LVDT installed on the spool to close the loop between command and actual spool position.This will provide better control during the deceleration phase of the cycle due to the possibility of pressure spikes.On board electronics is not a requirement,but simplifies the wiring.


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    一四位三擲中央密閉(或短路)比例方向閥。此閥應在捲筒上裝置一回授式線性可調差動變壓器(Linear variable differential transformer)以使控制指令牽動捲筒位置。如此可在瞬間壓力所引起的降速週期做較佳控制。(船、艦或車)上電子電路並非必要但可簡化佈線。

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    ...一個中位關閉之4口3位比例方向閥。閥軸上須安裝能迴授滑軸位置的LVDT(Linear Variable Differential Transformer),用以在指令與閥軸實際位置之間關閉回路(?)。如此能提供一旦壓力驟增後(所造成的循環中)減速的階段有更好的操控性。不一定需要其上的機電控制,但請簡化佈線。

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