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    My name is TRACY. I'm 19 years old this year.There are Dad, Mom ,and of course- I in my family. My parents spoil me a lot. We are not very rich(or the so-called middle-class family)We lived in NaHu before but later moved to BenChow. Studying in the 5-year junior college grade four, I have plenty of friends at school . We have classes together and play together.My interests are to listen to music,sleep,go shopping,go to the movie, and chat.The music I like best is Mandarin,Western, and jazz & blues .The pet I love most is dogs. My favorite place are shopping malls,restaurants,cafes and downtown areas.My favorite food are Chinese, Western style and the wayside stands.These are all about myself.



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    My name is called TRACY, this year 19 years old, the family member has the father Mother Also has me, they all very much loves my our family to calculate well-off, before lived the lake to move to the plank bridge afterwards, but the present goes study five specially four grades, had very many very good friends in the school, we could attend class together play together, my interest was listens to the music Sleeps Window-shops Watches the movie Chats, I most like the music has the national language Western world Knight blue accent But I most love the pet is a dog, I most like the place has the shopping center restrund and cafe The city in down town, most likes food has Chinese type Western-style and roadside booth, this is my self introduction

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