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    Each time when I fill up all the information, And click the "continue" button, but it doesn't take me to next page. I am sure I fill in all the necessary information. Can you please let me know what seem is the problem or has any other way I can purchase this product?

    Thank you.

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    我之前也有試過想買美國Ebay和Yahoo的東西, 跟你遇過有相同的情況, 我問了以後得到的答案是説, 除非你有在美國申請的信用卡要不然電腦是沒辦法接受你的申請的.

    如果你還是想問的話, 翻譯如下:

    [ Every time when I filled all the information columns and click the "Continue" key, I can't get to the next page. I am sure that I have filled all the required columns. I would like to ask what's wrongwith it or if there is any other way to purchase this product? ]

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