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請問英文的”月初” ”月中” ”月底”要怎麼說呢

若 有分正式的用法跟口語化的



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    "月初" - Beginning of Month"月中" - Middle of Month"月底" - End of Month / Month End (用在商業上的月底結算時)

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    我挺 andrew

  • Anonymous
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    1) early this month

    2) (about) half(way) this month

    3) late this month


    1) at the beginning of the month

    2) in the middle of the month

    3) at the end of the month

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  • Anonymous
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    Beginning of the Month 月初

    Middle of the Month 月中

    End of the Month 月底


    early august 八月初

    mid august 八月中

    late august 八月底

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  • 2 decades ago

    月初the beginning of the month

    月中the middle of a month

    月底the end of the month

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