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One day, The Little Red Rid Riding Hood makes some cookies. She wants to share with her grandfather, grandmother , aunt uncle and cousin. She starts to change her clothes. On aunny days, she wears hat , blouse , skirt and sandals. On snowy days , She wears tuque , sweater , trousers and sneakers. Suddenly , the wind blows her hat away. She chases her into a magic forest. She sees a pink cat , a brown snake , a green frog , a gray owl , a yellow fox , an orange squirrel and a purple ladybug. She finds her hat and walks out of the forest. ln the end , she walks out the forest. Then she happily shares cooking and adventures with her family.


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    一天, 小紅帽(紅色騎馬用的連帽大衣)做一些餅乾。 她想要與她的祖父, 祖母, 伯母伯父和表兄妹分享。 她開始改變她的衣裳。 在晴天(SUNNY DAYS), 她戴帽子, 女襯衫, 裙子和涼鞋。 在下雪的日子, 她佩帶tuque(?), 毛線衣, 長褲和運動鞋。 突然, 風吹走了她的帽子。 她追逐她近入一個魔法的森林。 她看見一隻粉紅色貓, 一條棕色蛇, 一隻綠色青蛙, 一頭灰色貓頭鷹, 一隻黃色狐狸, 橙色灰鼠和一隻紫色瓢蟲。 她發現她的帽子然後走出森林。 最後(IN THE END), 她走出森林。 然後她愉快地與她的家庭分享她煮的菜和這個冒險。

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    別急 ^^

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