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可否幫我翻譯..有關倫敦景點的 中翻英 謝^^1




2.海德公園(Hyde Park)


你可以慢慢散步可在此消磨大半天時間。海德公園與肯辛頓花園以蛇型湖(The Serpentine)相鄰,夏天時是划船和游泳的熱門場地,


3.肯辛頓宮(Kensington Palace)位於肯辛頓花園西側,是戴安娜亡故前


  宮State Apartments部份對外開放參觀,包括維多利亞女王受洗的房間和


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    1.The Buckingham Palace

    The Buckingham Palace is Royal Palace of Britain, the site of supreme right in London ----Majestic quick special zone then. Adjacent to holy James park in the east and border on Hyde Park in the west, it is Britain's imperial life and place to work. Royal Palace build on one year for the first time, Buckingham duke , if graceful bottom duke and John. Sheffield has built a residence here, and is named after duke in Buckingham. The Buckingham Palace is built and expanded many times, has already become a scale and three stories of grand rectangle architecture now. The foreign head of state and heads of political circles are while visiting Britain, the queen accompanies the honored guest to inspect the guard of honour in the palace courtyard.

    Standing erect to erect the monument of the gold-plated statue of Victorian queen of the great-great-grandmothers of two generations of Elizabeth in the middle of the square in front of the Buckingham Palace.

    2.Hyde Park (Hyde Park)

    The largest park of urban area of London, is that London is earlier than the beginning of the 17th century the first gives the park of Volkswagen open too, the world exposition in 1851 is held in this place , meet the great celebration of imperial family allly now, it is to open fire with artillery here that 41 rifles which show the rank and honour sound.

    You can slow to is it can wear down more than half day time here to take a walk while being slow. Adjoint with the snake type lake (The Serpentine ) in Hyde Park and Kensington garden, it is the hot place that rows the boat and swims in summer,

    Kensington garden of another side in Hyde Park was Kensington royal flower garden of the palace, incorporate Hyde Park into after being opening to the outside world, a famous one snake Hubei end little to fly chivalrous Peter statue Pan most, the statue fountain and statue in the north include classical breath richly.

    3.Kensington palace (Kensington Palace ) lies in the west of Kensington garden, is before Diana dies

    Residence in London, there are the people that present the flowers to visit and pounder on the past frequently in front of the door of Royal Palace so far, Kensington at present

    Visit palace some of State Apartmentses opening to the outside world, it have the that the queen receive baptism including Victoria by room and

    Royal palace dress exhibition so far of 1760 years.

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